Summer 2008 Newsletter

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Summer 2008

Show Me of Missouri Chapter Wins Multiple Awards The Show Me of Missouri Chapter was awarded the Award of Excellence Silver for Membership Growth and Retention for 20072008. This award recognizes chapters that achieve outstanding performance in membership growth and retention. The honor is based on the percent of net membership growth at the end of the chapter year. The chapter was also presented with the Helen M. Yeager Special Recognition Award for President’s Notes. The Helen M. Yeager Award recognizes outstanding chapter performance in education, improvement, innovation, member communications, member service and membership recruitment and retention. A database of successful chapter projects will be populated with winning chapter entries. ■

Mentorship: An Important Element in Leadership Mentorship is an important element in leadership. Successful leaders must first see themselves as a mentor so when they encourage the protégé to reach their full potential, the protégé will in turn become a leader in their own right. What does it mean to mentor someone? The definition for mentor, according to Webster is “advisor, tutor, sponsor, guru, teacher, counselor, master, or coach.” The idea of mentoring is an old one and dates back to Greek mythology. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, turned his young son, Teleachus, to the care of his dear friend Mentor, a wise and proven sage who agreed to raise the boy until Odysseus returned. When Odysseus arrived home after more than twenty years, he was most pleased with the work of his friend Mentor who had indeed modeled the skills that the young prince needed. Teleachus had grown into a wise leader and man of integrity. Odysseus immediately recognized the good and faithful work of Mentor in Continued on page 5 Page 1

In This Issue President’s Message…..……..2 Letter from the Editor……….3 New Chapter Members……. .4 Medal of Honor Recipients….6 Job Bank……………………..9

President’s Message By Shelly Hunter, FHFMA, MBA I am really excited and honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Show-Me of Missouri Chapter President for 2008-2009. We have a great leadership team working to bring exciting educational and networking events to you this year. I want to add a special thanks to all volunteers and sponsors, because we would not be successful without them. HFMA’s current National Chairman, Mr. Robert Broadway, presented his chairman’s theme for the year, Making Connections. Connections are so important to our career, lives and in healthcare to the communities we serve. This year we will focus on making connections that count and help you, as members, to enhance your knowledge of the industry, expand your network of colleagues, and enable you to grow as an individual. I have heard it said many times at national HFMA meetings, that the value of HFMA rises sharply the more you become involved. I have found this statement to be true personally. The contacts, friends, and knowledge I have gained from becoming involved is invaluable to me. Please take time to review the communications we send out and check the website often for upcoming activities planned by our chapter. We are really looking forward to this year and want you to find value in your membership. If you would like to join a committee or have questions, please feel free to contact me or any chapter leader listed on this website or listed the directory. Thank you for your continued support of HFMA! Sincerely, Shelly Hunter, FHFMA, MBA

Special Thanks to Our 2008-2009 Sponsors Gold




Berlin-Wheeler, Inc.

Accounts Management Services


Human Arc

Account Resolution Corporation


PNC/Xpack Network Services

D-MED Corporation

Missouri Medical Collection

Remote Support Services

Perot Systems Senex Services Inc. The Outsource Group

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Letter from the Editor When Shelly Hunter asked me if I would be interested in taking her place in preparing our quarterly newsletter, I didn’t hesitate; even though I have never put together anything like this before. I thought it would be a great way to get involved in our chapter. I have been a member of the Show Me of Missouri chapter for 5 years and wanted to get to know more of our chapter’s members. If I need help with any type of accounting/financial issue, I always turn to my HFMA Membership Directory and start looking for someone to call or email. I have made many great contacts within our chapter by doing this. With this year’s national theme of “Making Connections”, I encourage you to call each other because it seems like we are all facing the same issues. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how to make our newsletters better or would like to serve on the Newsletter Committee. New ideas are always welcome. For example, beginning with the Summer 2008 newsletter, we will be starting a job bank. The job bank will be a way for employers to advertise open positions they may have. Look for more information on page 9. Have a great summer! Regards, Deana Thomas


September 24-26, 2008 HFMA Healthcare Finance Fall 2008 Conference Tan-Tar-A Resort, Lake of the Ozarks

Come join your professional colleagues and friends at the annual Fall Workshop sponsored by the Greater St Louis, Show-Me of Missouri, Heart of America, and Sunflower chapters of HFMA. The conference will be an exciting and valuable learning and networking opportunity. Key themes and topics of the conference will include: • • • • •

Getting ready for RAC – learn from experiences of others Cultural demands in the office setting and in the healthcare arena Managed Care Panel Discussion – Never Events MHA Association Update Integrating the Budget and Financial Planning Process Page 3

Welcome New Show Me of Missouri Chapter Members! Jennifer Doll Controller University of Missouri Hospital & Clinics

Josh Powell Staff Accountant Cox Monett Hospital, Inc.

Seth A. Kahn Financial Analyst Cox Health

Beut Hill Patient Finance Director Doctors Hospital of Springfield

Sarah Asperger Director of Managed Care Contracting St. John’s Health System, Inc.

Robert R. Finstrom Business Office Manager Institute for Outpatient Surgery

Edward E. Riley Staff Accountant Saint John Hospital

Amy L. Hardee Senior Accountant Skaggs Community Health Center

John M. Snider Treasury Management Sales U.S. Bank

David G. Foshage Consultant Health Evolutions

Christopher Brink Vice President/CFO Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc.

Mary Tredway Director of Finance Sullivan County Memorial Hospital

Andrew B. Wheeler Director of Decision Support St. Mary’s Health Center

Robert C. Tyk, FHFMA Vice President/CFO Skaggs Community Health Center

Leigh Patterson Manager BKD, LLP

Kathy J. Nordyke Reimbursement Coordinator St. John’s Physicians & Clinics, Inc.

Regina Vick Access Services Coordinator Boone Hospital Center

Emily S. Reese Senior Consultant BKD, LLP

Matthew Maich Financial Consultant Roche Diagnostics

Janet L. Buckman President Buckman Consulting

Steve S. Byrd Physicians Operations Manager Freeman Practice Management

Curtis Herrin Chief Financial Officer Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Page 4

Mentorship continued from page 1 raising his son. Since then, mentor has been used to describe someone who has the inner competence to pass on knowledge and skills through example, recognized authority in a subject, and dialogue with the person mentored or protégé. Mentoring involves giving of our entire selves for the education and instruction of others but at the same time, it involves much more than teaching a set of skills or tasks and takes us way beyond just education. A mentor is thus one who facilitates the experiential learning that results in future-oriented abilities. The term refers to a person who is a trusted role model, advisor, wise one, friend, steward or guide – a person who works with emerging human and organizational forces to tap energy and purpose, to shape new visions and plans and to generate desired results. A mentor is devoted to guiding others into increased competence, commitment and confidence. The most profound way to learn leadership skills and values is directly from others who already possess these qualities and who are available, willing and able to share the lessons they have learned.

Mentoring is a process of reciprocity. The person must be willing to be mentored, and the mentor must be willing to mentor that person. Many organizations assign mentors. While this may create a formal, short-term system, it ignores the reality of what mentoring really is. If an organization wishes to facilitate the mentoring process, the best solution is to create and publicize a pool of senior people who are willing to be mentors and a similar list of those seeking mentors. The individuals should then be allowed to select each other. Some mentoring relations, like any human relations, will fail in the short term because the people are mismatched. Others will survive the medium term. Those that are truly mentoring relationships will last far beyond the specific job assignments of the people involved and will Continued on page 7

Characteristics of an Effective Mentor Like all coaches, mentors have specific strengths that they apply. Mentors: • Model mastery in professional areas that others wish to obtain. • Guide others to high performance in changing scenarios. • Advocate, critique and extend corporate culture and wisdom. • Endorse and sponsor others without using formal power or having control over them. • Facilitate professional development and organizational system development.

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Four Show-Me of Missouri Chapter Members receive the Founders Medal of Honor HFMA recognizes that its strength lies in volunteers, who contribute their time, ideas, and energy to serve the healthcare industry, their profession, and one another. Active participation in HFMA at the national, regional and/or chapter levels provides members with numerous opportunities for professional development, information, networking, and advocacy. Established in 1960, the Founders Merit Award Series acknowledges the contributions made by HFMA members. These awards are part of a meritrating plan in which specific activities are assigned a range of point values. The highest award that can be bestowed on an HFMA member is the Founders Medal of Honor. The Founders Medal of Honor was added in 1986 and is conferred by nomination of the Chap- Pictured left to right: Lori A. Johnson, Dennis W. Decker, Stephanie Fennewald, 2007ter 2008 Chapter President, Dan Probstfield and John R. Cooper. Board of Directors. This prestigious award recognizes an individual who has been actively involved in HFMA for at least three years after earning the Muncie Gold Award, has provided significant service at the chapter, regional and/or national level in at least two of those years, and remains a member in good standing. In 2007, the Show-Me of Missouri chapter recognized four outstanding individuals for their contributions to HFMA. These individuals are: John R. Cooper, FHFMA, CPA Partner BKD, LLP.

Lori A. Johnson, FHFMA Department Administrator University of Missouri – Columbia

Dennis W. Decker President Missouri Medical, Inc.

Dan Probstfield Senior Vice President/CFO Lake Regional Health System

Page 6

Mentorship Continued from page 5 evolve into life-long friendship involving the sharing of values and skills. There are many mentors in business and industry. Like coaches, mentors have specific strengths that they apply while mentoring. Mentors model mastery in professional areas that others wish to obtain. Some guide others to high performance in changing scenarios. The truly great mentors are servant leaders who conduct themselves selflessly in their approach to helping others. Since the beginning of time, there have always been leaders and followers. By observing effective leaders, good followers have themselves become leaders. Through this process they also learned how to develop other leaders. However, great leaders do not have to hold academic degrees in order to “teach” their protégés. What does the word protégé mean? According to the American Heritage Collegiate Dictionary the word protégé means “One whose welfare, training, or career is promoted by an influential person.” The word originates from the French word meaning to protect. Some famous historical protégés are President James Madison who was a protégé of President Thomas Jefferson. Moreover, Prime Minister John Major was a famous protégé of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. What is done is remembered more than what is said. Living a positive example is “action” in a great leader’s life. One of the most powerful decisions you can make in your life is to do something for someone who doesn’t have the power or resources to return the favor. In mentoring, not only the protégé is learning but the mentor is also learning. A mentor has to be willing to give and take in the relationship. Mentoring transcends leader/follower boundaries and age differences. During the mentorship relationship, the follower can become the mentor and the leader can become the protégé. With mentorship, age is not a factor either. The old can learn from the young and vice versa. Continued on page 8 Page 7

Mentorship Continued from page 7 Examples of mentored leaders who eventually became great leaders and affected history are everywhere. One excellent example of a mentored leader was President Abraham Lincoln. who was raised on a farm without any formal education. Later in life, his friends made up for his lack of formal education and started mentoring him. They encouraged him to become a candidate for the state legislature. In 1834, during Lincoln’s second campaign for state legislature, John T. Stuart (a lawyer friend) urged him to study law. At first, Lincoln didn’t feel confident to study law because of his education background. Due to Stuart’s mentorship, Lincoln obtained his license to practice Law in 1836 and he became a partner in law with Stuart from 1837 to 1841. Mentorship eventually propelled Lincoln into the Presidency of the United States of America. Concluding Thoughts In summary, in order to be a “stand out” leader, mentorship is a basic requirement for your leadership resume. You must impart a portion of you within the protégé and look for ways to motivate and instill confidence so that a protégé will set and accomplish life goals. An unselfish leader will encourage the protégé and as a result, the protégé will become the principle role model others will follow. If you are a leader within an organization and you are not personally mentoring a “protégé”, give serious consideration to becoming part of the mentoring process. Furthermore, there is much to be gained in our everchanging environment for those who want to help and be helped. Many of these relationships survive the test of time and can be a life-changing event. Those that occur that are truly mentoring relationships will last far beyond the specific job assignments of the people involved and will evolve into a life-long friendship vis-à-vis the sharing of values and skills. ■

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Show-Me of Missouri Chapter Offers Job Bank Beginning with the Fall 2008 chapter newsletter that will be published in November, the Show-Me of Missouri chapter will offer employment ad placement both in the newsletter and on All ads will be placed in the Job Bank. Below are the guidelines for the employment ad placement in the Job Bank.

Guidelines for placing a Job Bank listing in the Show Me of Missouri chapter newsletter and on •

The Show Me of Missouri chapter newsletter is published four times per year (August, November, February and May).

A Job Bank listing cost $100 per position for a one-time placement in the Show Me of Missouri chapter newsletter and a one month posting on the chapter’s website,

The Job Bank request must contain the following information: • Hospital/Organization’s Name • Job Title i.e. Financial Analyst, Controller • Position or Department to whom the advertised position will report to i.e. Chief Financial Officer, Director of Accounting • Brief Job Description • Educational/Professional experience required i.e. Bachelors Degree, CPA preferred • Contact information as to where to send applicant’s resume including contact name, address, telephone and fax number and email address.

To ensure consistent presentation of all Job Bank listings, no company logos are permitted.

Deadlines for Job Bank listing placement in the Show Me of Missouri Chapter Newsletter are as follows: • July 10 for August (Summer) Issue • October 10 for November (Fall) Issue • January 10 for February (Winter) Issue • April 10 for May (Spring) Issue

Checks for Job Bank listings should be made payable to “HFMA Show Me Chapter” and mailed to: Janet Taylor, Treasurer, HFMA Show Me Chapter 16 S Pennsylvania Webb City MO 64870

All Job Bank listing information must be Microsoft Word format.

To place a Job Bank listing or for more information, contact: Deana Thomas Kyle Lee Lake Regional Health System Financial Resource Group, LLC 54 Hospital Drive 6048 Black Oak Osage Beach MO 65065 Springfield MO 65804 [email protected] [email protected] Page 9

Are You Certifiable? Become a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) Enhance your career potential by becoming a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP). HFMA's certification program provides you an opportunity to earn this designation when you meet the following requirements: • Be an HFMA member for a total of two years and be an current active member • Have two years of professional experience in the healthcare finance industry • Successfully complete the HFMA Core certification exam and one of the specialty exams - Accounting and Finance, Patient Financial Services, Financial Management of Physician Practices, or Managed Care • Obtain a reference from an elected HFMA chapter office and your CEO or supervisor All active members are eligible to take the certification exams. Once you meet the requirements for becoming a CHFP, submit a CHFP application to HFMA National within 24 months of successfully completing the first exam, with a one-time fee. You will then receive a certificate through your chapter that you can proudly display and will be entitled to used the CHFP designation after your name. The Show-Me chapter supports you efforts in becoming HFMA certified. The Chapter has study guides that can be used by any member of the chapter. They can be checked out for one month at a time. The Chapter will reimburse 100% of the exam fees charged by National HFMA to take the certification exams, upon successful completion of the exams. For more information about the HFMA certification program or resources available locally, please contact Janice Janssen at [email protected] or 573-882-8010.

HFMA Show Me of Missouri Chapter President Shelly Hunter, FHFMA, MBA

President-Elect Greg L. Shaw, FHFMA, CPA, MBA

Vice President Jennifer L. Ogden

Secretary Kory Stout

Treasurer Janet C. Taylor

Board of Directors Mary Bonge Kyle Lee Deana Thomas Stephanie Fennewald, FHFMA

Don’t forget to check out For chapter updates and information

Rita Dew Matt A. Levsen, FHFMA, CPA Jan Pederson Page 10