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Successat ANI for the Show-Meof Missouri Chaoter

Forthe 2009-2010year,the Show-MeChapterreceivedfour achievement awardsand threeYerger's. Ach ievemant Awards inctuded ! r Awardsof Excellence for Membership Gromh andRetentionSilver r Awardsof Excellence for CertificationGold . SisterMary GeraldBronzeAwardsofExcellencefor Education . C. Henry Hottum Awardsfor EducationalPerformanceImprovement Yeroer Awards included, a Incraosedcommittee involvemenl (Awdrded . Multi-chopter dwordfor the 2009FollConfer€nce to the of Aherico, Sunflower, St.louis, ohd Show-Me chop+ers) Heort 6realer . Monlhlywebinor series(Aworded to Region 8)

How Quality Will Pay for Hospitals Under New Reform Measures JaniceSinnons

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Healthleaders llediallay12,201[ to helpdecreasecosts, Whilemosthospitalshavefocusedon promotingqualitycareat theirfacilities qualitycarewilltake on a somewhatdifferentmeaningunderthe new healthcare reformlaw:Hospitals penalized qualityimprovement or riskbeing underreform willfeelthe pressureto maintaincontinuous HealthReincentivesscheduledoverthe nextseveralyears,accordingto a Pricewaterhousecoopers' World." in a Post-Reform searchInstitutereporttitled"HealthReform:ProsDerinq (continued, on page4)

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PRXSIDENT'S MESSAGE Dear Show-MeMembers, I amexcitedto be a partofsucha greatchapterlGregShawandI atyear.the tendedtheAward'sBanquetat ANI in June.For the2009-2010 Show-MeChapterreceivedfour achievement awardsandthreeYergers. Thatwasa majoraccomplishment for our chapter.DeboraKuchl€-Craig alsoaddressed themembership anddiscussed thethemeshehasselected everyoneto for her yearasNationalChairi'Step Up". Shechallenged getinvolvedwith theirchapters, evenif it is a smallrole.Theconnectionsyou makeareinvaluable!With thatsaid,pleaselet me knowifyou wouldlike to becomemoreinvolvedl Notes"by emailto keep I will alsobesendingout monthly"President you informedof upcomingeventsandnewsaboutour chapter.Ifyou havesomenewsyouwouldlike to share,sendme an emailandI will includeit. Pleaselet myselforanyofthe officersor directorsknowifyou have questions or concems, we arein this roleto helpyou. I am lookingforward to anothergreatyear. I hopeyou arehavinga greatsummer! JenniferOgden,FHFMA Ihapter President. Show-l,le

LetterfromtheEditor This is my first activeroll in the Show-MeofMissouriChapterandI wo ld like to thankJenniferOgdenandDeana Thomasfor theirguidancein this newsletter.I havebeenan HFMA membersince2005,andhadnot pa(icipatedin our chapteractivitiesuntil lasty€arwhenI wroteanarticleaboutCarolFriesenour Region8 executiveat thetime. thatwill provideinformationaboutour chapterand I am lookingforwardto theopportunityto createa newslefter finance. our everchangingworld ofhealthcare Pleaselet me know iftherearetopicstlratyou wouldlike to seecoveredin futureeditionsor ifyou haveanarticle you wouldlike to share.You mayemailme at [email protected] Enjoythe restofyour summer fall andcoolerweather*,ill beheresoonl

STE P -F RegionalExecutive Message

project,the chapterswithinthe Regionhavedevelopeda closerworki n g r e l a t i o n s h i pw h i c h w i l l strengthenthe Regionin the future and has significantly enhancedthe shadngof newideasand bestpracticeswithinthe group.

Theredefinitelyweresomelessons "Stepup and makeit happen"was the leamedalongthe way whichall of message delivered by incoming the chapterswill be ableto utilizeto HFI\4AChair Debi Kuchka-Craigat strcngthenthe overallwebinarprothis year's LeadershipTrainingCon- gram as we take it into the future. ference.As I havefoundthis yearas Thisyearthe webinafswill againbe RegionalExecutiveElect,Region8 is held the second Tuesday, from all about"SteppingUp." Our region, noonto 1r30p.m. Theywill begin when faced with challengingeco- in August 20'10and run through nomictimes,cameup with an innova- A p r i l 2 0 1 1 . tive region-wideproject to provide lower cost yet offer dynamiceduca- The Region8 webinarprojectgentionto theirmembers,and as a result, erateda lot of interestfromNational in April2009,the Region8 webinaf and from othef regions and we found ourselvessharing our sucserieswas launched. cessthroughout the year. we were present the projectas Region8 is made up of nine very alsoaskedto practice best at this an innovative strongchapters.Each chapterhas a year's LTC in Phoenix. And to top solidhistoryof providingeffectiveand great of a success, we won a Yerefiicienteducationto its members.At ger award for our webinaf series. A the LeadershipTrainingConference to Tracy Packingspecial thanks in 2009 the Region8 leadershad an informaldiscussionaroundthe best hamand Chrisvairo for theirassisway to utilize the educational tancewiththe bestpracticepresenstrengthsof each chapterto benefit tationand theYergeraward. the other chapteF and the Region. I know wfth the grcat This discussionwas the beginningof leaderchlp wo have ln Raglon the Region8 Webinarseriesthat was 6 wa're at the beglnnlng of developedand executedin a collaboanothet really successfuI rativeforce. The projectwasa wayto yeaL Thankyou for tha overcometwo of the concernshad by opportunity to sotua as all the chapters;droppingattendance Regional Exacutive of tha best and educationhoursdue to the econrcglon in HFMA! omy, and provading a way to feduce the overallcost of educationfor our membersand memberorganizations The series, offered each second Tuesdayof the monthfrom SeptemberthroughMay,averaged206 attendees at more than 70 sites per session with an average satisfaction scoreof 4.0 out of 5- The numberof DCMS educationhours per webinar was 204. The cost of the webinars cane to approximately $11 per attenprimary goalof dee,deliveringon the providing lower cost education to members. In additionto meetingthe goalsdetermined at the outset of the regional

In additionto steppingup with the webinarprojectin 2009-2010, Region8 chaptersagainledthe way with amazingDCIVIS and CBSC results.Togetherwe won morc than 21 DCIVSawardsand 16Yergersl -6' Excellence for Education HenN Hottumfor Educational Perlom ance Improvement -5Excellencefor Cetlifbation -4Excellencefor MembershipCrowth -18Yercerawards The most exciting news of all, though,was the announcement that the NebraskaChaptervion the prestigiousRobertM. Sheltonawardfor sustainedchapterexcellencelCongratulations, Nebraskal The Robert M. SheltonAward for SustainedChapterExcellence is presentedeachyearto the singlechapter judged as displayingexemplary serviceto membersovera sustained period of the immediatepast five years.The award,unveiledin 1979in honor of Robert Shelton's longstandingcontributions to the Association,was presentedfor the first time in 1980. lt is the ultimatehonora Over the years several Region 8 chaptershave receivedthe honori Sunflower,2008; lowa,2004; South Dakota, 1986and1991. l'd liketo thankCarolFriesen,outgoing RE, Nebraska,for her leadership this yearand l'd also liketo welcome Teri Reger,from GreaterSt. Louis, as our incomingREE. I knowwith the great leadershipwe have in Region 8 we're at the beginningof another reallysuccessfulyear. Thank you for the opportunityto serve as RegionalExecutive of the bestregion in HFMAI Vicki L. M ls, Reglon I R.gional Exacutive


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- Continued f'om cover

Accordingto tle r€pon, the new law canbe expectedto impacthospitalsin thrce main areas: Hospitalreadmissions,l Startingin October2012,hospitalswiu be financiallypenalized by Medicareiflhey demonstrate"excess"readmissionswithin a 30-dayperiod when comparedto the "expected"riskadjustedlevelsofreadmissions, Ther€admissions arebasedon themeasures for acutemyoHospittl paymcntsbrsedon valuebasedpurchasing(VBP): Stating in 2013,hospitalswill be paid accordingto a MedicareVBP programschedule, in whichpaymentswill be nade bas€d on hospitals'qualitymeasureoutcomes. VBP will measurehospitalefficiency,patiedtsatisfaction, andqualityof care.Th€se will be collectedbeginningOctober20l2. outcomes P€naltiesfor hospitslacquiredconditions(HACS): Beginningin 20I 5, I % of payments will be subtracted ftom hospitals with thehighestratesof HACS+ssentiallythosefalling intothebottomquartil€ofhospitahwhencompared to thenationalaverage. This couldresuhin a nationwide reductionofg1.5 billion in paym€nts ov€rthenext l0 years. Themessage hospitalsneedto payattentionto G "dont getstuckifl thebottomquatile,andwork towardscontinuous quality improvement," according to thereporl.Thebottomquartilewillchangeftom yearto yearasthequalitypeformanceofhospkals change. However,at least1,000hospitalswill endup in lhe bottomquartile regardless ofthe qualityprovided.. Beginningin 2013,highscoringhospitahunderVBP will rec€ivea higherpaymentof lTFwhich risesto 2% in 2017andbeyond.In addilionto thedirectfinancialimpact,thereformlaw will requirethatan organization's qualitymetricsbe publicly availableandaccessible. In additionto thedir€ctfinancialimpact,hospitals alsocouldfeeltheimpactofconsumerism. For years,healthcare haslagg€d behindin makinginformationeasilyaccessible to consumers, but thishasbeenchanging. Accordingto a 2009Pricewaterhousecoopers consumer survey,individualsereusingtheIntemetasa sourcefor makingdeci sions.Onlinecontentwasfoundto edgeout physicians asan informationsource:For instance,480/0 ofconsumers saidtheyuse healthwebshes to find informationto maked€cisions abouttheirhealthcare. Withinthisconsumer realm,hospitalqualityinlormationwill move"beyondtheorganization andgov€mment websites" to healthwebsites andconsum€r advocacy sites,theresearchers note, In addition,mak;ngmorequalityinformationavailableto consumers perception couldimpacta system's in thecommunityand payers'contracling strategies with them.Moreinformeddechionsby patientscouldleadthemawayfromorganizations listedas "poorperformers"--{rthos€in thebottomquartil€ofhospitah. For thetlpical hospital,beingon thebottomquartilein termsofqualitycouldmeanmillionsofdollarslostannually.For instance,for a 300-bedcommunityhospitalwith $50million in Medicareinpatientnetrevenue, failureto improveon hospitalre(a lossofabout$96,780),failurewith VBP (a lossofS750,000), admissions andendingup in thelowestquartilefor HAC ($500,000), wouldcreat€a dropof$1.35million in income. In additionto Medicare, hospitals alsowill haveto leamto live with cutsin Medicaid.Hospitalsthatcarefor highnumbersof uninsuredandMedicaid patientscrmently receiveextra funding fiorn MedicarcandMedicaid u.der the disproportionateshare program.But in 2014,MedicareDSH will b€reduced757Fthe sameyearthatthe insuanceexchanges andindividualand€mployermandates go intoeffect, JaniceSinnons is a senior editor and Washington,DC, correspondent for HealthLeadeNMedia Onlbrc.Shecan be reachedal [email protected]

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BronzeSponsors ,4ccourls Ma agetuent Services AccounI Resolutiofi Corp, ttiotl CommerceBank Consumer Colleclioh Mu hngenrcnl Greensfekler, Hemker & Gole P,C. It & RAccounts,Ittc Hol's Coupo iet Li IIel' and A ssocio tes, Ittc Profcssiotta| Credi| Montge rc t


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August loth:

Region8 Webitrar - RAC ComplexCoditrgaDdDRG Requirementr To Register;[-8-RAC-Complex-Coding


Stateof Missouri HealthcareReimbursementLaw Webinar presentedby AHC


Region8 W€binar - Topic to be Announced


Region8 Webin&r - Topic to be Annoutrced

October20-22nd: Fall Conference- KansssCity

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l{ewMem bers Prcside t JenniferL. Ogden,FHFMA Prcsident-Elecl Kory Stout VicePrcsidenl JanetC. Taylor,CPA Secretan) DeanaThomas Treasurer Kyle W. Lee Board of Dircctors

PatrickWalsh - CoxHealth VicePresident DebiM. Cradic Enterprise Manager Heartland Regional MedicalCenter EmmaM. Ravis AccountManager- PNCHealthcare GaryHaynes,PhD,MD Professor andChair - St.LouisUniversity

Tina Gillespie Donna[pperly

Marywilkes President andCEO - CareNexusConsulting

Brad Brotherton,CPA Allison Lewis

Jessie M. Brocksieck - HannibalRegional StaffAccountant Hospital

SusanDuncaD Lorrie A. Haden,CPAT Greg L. Shaw,FIIFMA, CPA, MBA

Liz Stiers Business OfficeDirector- Hermann AreaDistrictHospital

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%arching for Employees? The Show-Meof MissouriChapter offersa job bank in which employe advertisetheir openposition


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AreYou Certifiable? (CHFP) Become aCertified Healthcare Financial Professional poteutialbl Edmrce becouurg nCerlified Healthcare FimlcialProfessiornl(CHFP). Hltrl{s lourcaLeer prograu prcvules certification loual opportutit,v toeam tlusdesigriatiou n'hel1,ou neet tlefollorving re. $l[enelsl t BenlH[][AmenrbeL foLalotal ofm'o aldbealcmreut actire neuber ,l'ears r Have two,veaLs ofprofessir:ml erpederce rnthehealthcare filltnce ndustn . Accourtlrg r Suaessfrrlly corrylete theI{LIACole ceflificalior exrrn al one ofthe specialty exans ('are mdFrmrce. PatieDt liralcialServices. Fumucial lvlauagunent ofPh,r'sicial PLactices. ortr'lamged . 0trtan arefereuce froru mreleced Hftr'lA chpteL oflice atd]0uCEO orurpen ivrr Allauive uenbers areeligrble totake t[ecertrflcatio exans. 0rcevouneellheretpneuelts lbrbecorung aCIIIP.ilbrrrllaCHFP applicatiori mHFIIANatiorulrvitlrin 14nolths of urccesfirll.v cot4rleturs thefust exaLn. rvith aoue-tne lbe.Younilltlmreceire ace(if,cate thoqh)'oru drnpteL that.vou calproudly dis. playaldrvillbeeltrtled toused theCHIP designrtrori alieL mue. 1,ou Forrnore hforuntior about prouran please theHFIL{certiticaliou orresouces available locallv. contac Iadce Jamsel atJansseri[dhealth.r ssorui.eilu oL5i3t82-8010.

GreeShare,Shellv Hunten HFMA President& CEO-Dick Cla*, Jennifer Oeden



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DeboraKuchka-Craig, GregShaw, and Cathy JacksonacceptingShow-

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