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complete stranger or someone you know? Or, in the latest development, live on your mobile phone? Thousands of teenagers and young adults do this regul...

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Bringing education and training to life We are delighted to present a selection of our exciting new educational programming for Winter 2012. This is a small fraction of what we have available across multiple subject categories. Please visit our website for more information. Find out more

The Crusades This series revisits these legendary wars and analyses the history to find out what really happened eight centuries ago. New conclusions emerge from archaeology, fresh scrutiny of ancient sites and long discarded eyewitness testimony.

Simon Schama Shakespeare and Us Simon Schama explores the life and times of William Shakespeare to shed a new and fascinating light on some of the greatest plays ever written.

Orbit - Earth's Extraordinary Journey Every step of the Earth’s journey around the sun is essential to maintaining life as we know it, giving us the ever -changing weather and seasons that transform our planet. We learn about the incredible creation and destruction resulting from those transformations.

How We Made Our Millions

Chocolate - A Bitter Truth

Gain a unique insight into the minds of successful and inspiring business people with this access-all-areas pass into their glossy and fascinating world.

The truth behind chocolate production is far from sweet as, nearly a decade after signing up to a pledge to eradicate child labour, the industry has done little to implement it.

Horizon Guide to Senses

Websex - What's the Harm?

Touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste; the five senses help define what it means to be human. They give us far more than just an appreciation of beauty. Every second, our senses gather millions of details about the world around us, sending our brains a constant stream of information.

Would you show yourself naked, on video camera, to a complete stranger or someone you know? Or, in the latest development, live on your mobile phone? Thousands of teenagers and young adults do this regularly, and for most, it’s one of the highlights of their week.

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