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The Little School at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church 11612 Memorial Drive Houston, Texas 77024 713-490-9267

SUMMER 2016 NEWSLETTER Hi Parents! Welcome to The Little School Summer Session 2016! We are excited to have all of you here this summer and look forward to a fun time! For those of you who are new to our program, please check

the calendar information below for important upcoming events. Please remember to send your child in tennis shoes daily. Our fall surface on the playground is rubber and crocs and some sandals stick to the surface and cause the children to fall.

If you would like for your child to wear sunscreen, please apply it in the morning before your child comes to school so that they are ready to play! Thanks for being a part of our family! Candice

Upcoming Events and Special News Looking Ahead           

June 6th - June session begins June 20th - 24th - Splash Week July 1st - Last day of June session July 1st - 4th of July Parade July 4th - MDPC and TLS closed for 4th of July July 5th - July session begins July 11th - 15th - Summer Celebration - TLS Closed July 25th - 29th - Splash Week July 29th - Last day of July session August 23rd - Parent Orientation - 7 to 8 PM Meet the Teacher - August 24th 10 - 11:30 AM

SPLASH WEEKS The weeks of June 20th - 24th and July 25th - 29th will be Splash Weeks. For those of you new to our program, this consists of wading pools, sprinklers and ice pops. Rooms 118, 117 and 110 do not participate, however, all other classrooms do. Each classroom has their splash time at their regularly scheduled playground time. The children will need to wear bathing suits and, if you would like for your child to wear sunscreen, you will need to apply it in the morning. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Reminders 

Please label everything you send with your child with first and last name Please put an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack (it is a good idea to change it out from time to time - they grow so fast!) Please e-mail Tara at [email protected] if you need extended hours. Please give her as much notice as possible so that we have plenty of teachers! Fall paperwork and May 2017 tuition is due by June 30th!

Church News MDPC Kids Events  

June 11th - Parents’ Night Out - register at June 15th - Preschool Playground Playdate 2:30 to 3:30 PM - Come meet our summer interns while enjoying refreshing snow cones and fellowship on the playground! July 11th - 15th - Summer Celebration 2016 Glow for God - Preschool age children are invited when a parent volunteers for Summer Celebration August 10th - Wacky Wednesday Water Day Come join the fun and eat lunch as we splash together and make new friends. Preschoolers

and their parents are invited.

Perspectives From a Twins Mom ~ by Annie McQueen My husband Tyler and I were over the moon to learn we were expecting our first child in late 2013. At our first ultrasound, our vision of parenthood doubled, literally. The sonographer casually mentioned, “Well, now there are two in there.” Sure enough, across the screen were two small circles amongst the dark abyss. From that moment, our lives have never been the same (in the best way possible) and we were so thankful to welcome healthy twins, a boy and girl, in July 2014. I am still learning as I go but what I have figured out as a mom-of-twins (and I am sure other MDPC twin families may be able to relate), is that having two the same age calls for things to be done, well, a little differently. We are all in the same parenthood “boat”- setting sail for the great unknown, rocking back and forth; some days we move across troubled, scary waters, while other days, we merely float. However, I have discovered a few things as a twin parent. This is my own personal experience. For example, we must find fully-fenced parks. This was something I never even thought about. I love taking my kids to parks, but if there’s even the slightest opening in the fence, it just doesn’t work for two under two. We have to use a stroller. Everywhere. We. Go. (or at least that’s what I choose to do, mainly for safety reasons). In the morning at MDPC drop off, I see precious little tots waddling down the hallway, holding moms’ hand (of course, some moms are also pushing their newborn strollers, too). Not with twins. We have to contain our two tots. I use the stroller handles for their nap mats and backpack too. So, even when they finally start walking, it’s still stroller city for us. Speaking of strollers, pregnant twin moms are told they “must” purchase the crème-de-la-crème of strollers…a 700-pound, $1000 stroller that can carry both infant carriers and then morph into toddler seats. This idea blew my mind when I was a pregnant first-time mom…a stroller that will last me forever? I promptly added it to my registry. Live and learn. Sadly, it collects leaves in the garage now. I used a super-light, $50 double snap-n-go when they were born (a tip passed on to me from another twin mom) and now “upgraded” to a $60 double-umbrella stroller that weighs 10 pounds (it’s the Delta Children City Street Side-by-Side). Anyone in the market for a gently used City Select? Then there’s monogramming their little bags for the classroom. Lined up and down the hallways at MDPC are the most adorable, 3-letter monogram lunch bags and back packs. I decided to follow suit and selected a classic seersucker backpack. But I got hung up. I asked myself in the store, “What’s the best gender-neutral color?” and “Do I monogram it with their last name or their combined 3 letters?” it was such a silly dilemma. In the end, I selected a turquoise blue and monogrammed “McQueen” on it. Of course, a lot of this comes with having two kids, but with twins, they’re the same age so decisions must be made based on that fact. One thing I have not been exposed to (except for a few times) is the separation anxiety episodes at drop off. They have each other in the classroom. Those beginning days (and sometimes during a tough phase), kids can get emotional about being left in the classroom. They are comforted by the fact that they have each other. Twins are amazing and any twin is lucky to have a built-in best friend (although hard at times, I imagine). The mystery of twins will baffle me always as we watch ours grow up. So, having twins is definitely not harder; the logistics are just a little different.