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CityWalk Shopping Center – Bldg. 350, Ste. 368 230 Hammond Drive, NE Sandy Springs, GA 30328 404.255.9263 (phone) 404.255.3498 (fax) [email protected] (email)

SUMMER 2016 ~ THE TASTE ADVENTURE CONTINUES! Young Chefs Academy of Sandy Springs is gearing up for our 11th jam-packed summer of cooking fun and culinary adventures. Kids will make and enjoy some great eats in our cool (NEWLY RENOVATED!) kitchens from late May – early August! Camp themes & delicious recipes abound! Campers will complete 3-4 recipes each day, in addition to learning some relevant history and culinary lessons, and of course, have loads of fun! We provide a oneof-a-kind summer camp experience for kids ages 4 and up!

CAMP CAN – I - COOK 2016 will explore U.S. and international cuisine, Knowledge of seasonal cuisine! A pinch of math, a dash of world geography and world culture, an abundance of science, and a healthy dose of nutrition!

Sign up before March 25th and WAIVE the registration fee!!!

Cooking Camps every week (ages 5 – 16) Sr. Chefs - 3 camps reserved for middle & high school age chefs KinderCooks – 2 camps for pre-school, ages 4 – 6, and for older kids who need a shorter camp day!

CAMP CAN I COOK – SUMMER 2016 YCA Cookbook Nook- Can you remember cooking from your first cookbook? Your chef will delve into the world of culinary by exploring cookbooks by chefs all over the world. We can spend some time with Wolfgang, and have breakfast with Bobby! Let’s bake with Ms. Greenspan and prepare a quick meal with Rachel, all while experiencing the Joy of Cooking with Julia! Each day we will prepare a variety of delicious creations from our favorite and beloved cookbooks. Your chef will also create and design their very own Cookbook! What’s your favorite cookbook? May 31-June 3 (Tuesday-Friday due to Memorial Day) *** Full*** June 27-June 30 Story Books Come to Life! Mini Camp for KinderCooks (Ages 4-6) In addition to cooking, we love to explore the world through great books. And we’ll be combining some of our favorite books with some great recipes to bring the stories to life. If you’re a fan of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; If You Give a Moose a Muffin; and Blueberries for Sal, then this is the camp for your young chef! We’ll have some surprise stories and recipes, too! May 31-June 3 (Tuesday-Friday due to Memorial Day) Summer Road Trip 2016- Here is a chance to try regional cuisine from around the country. We will prepare famous West Coast favorites like chicken and waffles, Midwest must- haves like homemade apple pies and Southwestern delights like tamale pie. Let’s discover the rich culinary history of America and what makes us the melting pot of the world! Get your motor running for some fabulous food from across our great nation! June 6-9 ***Full*** July 5-8 (Tuesday-Friday due to Independence Day)

Wheels on the Bus Road Trip! Mini Camp for KinderCooks (Ages 4-6) – “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round! Let’s have fun cooking our way around the country! First stop our hometown to explore fresh Georgia peaches and other southern staples. Well make key lime pie from Key West and savory meat pies from the Midwest! Get your motor running for some fabulous food from across our great nation! July 5-8 (Tuesday-Friday due to Independence Day) Baking and Pastry 101 for Jr. Chefs- Every year our BAKING camps are among our most popular and this year’s camp is NOT to be missed! So step right up, aspiring pastry chefs!!! In this camp your Young Chef will explore the world of pastries from homemade cream puffs, design cupcake pull apart cakes, pies… to yeast rolls, and sweet and savory soufflés. Pssst! We didn’t forget about the chocolate! June 13-16 ***Full*** July 11-14 Baking and Pastry 102 for Sr. Chefs (Ages 11-16) - Do you have an aspiring Pastry Chef? Or even a Chef who has a Real Sweet Tooth!? Let our Pastry Instructors teach them the origins and techniques of Bread Bakers, Chocolatiers, Cake Decorators and Pastry Chefs! We’ll be learning the artistry of chocolate work, creating and decorating two tier mini cakes, and much more! We will also prepare savory pasties and healthy desserts! June 13-16 ** (Very Limited availability) **

YCA Gets Chopped Again- Welcome to YCA’s Kitchen Stadium! Does your young chef love to create their own recipes? Do they love watching fun cooking shows on television? In this camp creativity is the key!!! Each day in the first half of class, they will learn a new cooking skill. Then in the second half, while guided by the YCA Chef Instructors, students will utilize those skills with new recipes and fun challenges in their teams! On the last day of camp we will have a blast creating new recipes with secret ingredients and fun games! This camp is great for all ages and levels of cooking experience. So let’s have some culinary fun! June 20-23 *** Full***

YCA Food Showdown! Sr. Chefs Only (Ages 11-16) - Welcome to YCA Kitchen Stadium… the competition is on for our 4th annual FOOD WARS BATTLES!!! Each day will bring a new culinary challenge and sometimes there might even be two! You never know what secret ingredients or wild cards we will through at our talented chefs, but rest assured it will be a blast! Sr Chefs… Let the Games BEGIN! This camp is great for all levels of experience. So let’s have some culinary fun! June 20-23

Mangia !!! Mangia !!!- Buongiorno! Join YCA in preparing the BEST ever Italian Dishes! Different types of homemade pastas and raviolis, delicious sauces with gourmet meatballs, antipasto platters, decadent gelatos and pastries, and we can’t forget homemade Pizza Margheritas! If you love Italian cuisine this is the cooking camp for you! *One of our 2 kitchens is reserved for Sr. Chefs! (Middle & High School)

July 18-21 Farm to Table A Summertime Bounty! - Let’s support our local farmers by preparing seasonal and local dishes! The best food is the freshest food ― all local and organic. These “Locavores” will make delicious eats like fresh strawberry green garden salad, vidalia onion and vegetable quinoa stir fry, homemade ice cream with fresh fruit cobblers, grilled chicken and veggie skewers with a homemade Georgia peach glaze! Oh yes! And not to mention… this is a GLUTEN FREE camp!!!!! *Parents: please note that these will be gluten free recipes, but Young Chefs Academy is NOT a gluten free facility. Please contact us to review any issues or concerns prior to enrolling your Young Chef!

July 25-28 Global Gastronomy -Take a trip around the world in just one week. We will make and sample different dishes from various cuisines across the globe. Italian favorites like tiramisu mousse to French doughnuts to Mexican tortas and Asian dim-sum. Come join us as we eat our way across the world. August 1-4 Pantry Panic!! Do you ever stare at the refrigerator or pantry and wonder, “What can I make with this stuff?” During this camp, we will explore just that: how to make a delicious meal out of the things you already have and how to turn leftovers into another delicious meal. We will also use the crockpot to make dessert and the waffle iron to make delicious sandwiches! Don’t Panic!! August 8-11

We welcome young chefs of ALL ages to our SUMMER camp sessions! Weekly Camp Sessions – Monday – Thursday each week, except where noted 9:30 am – 2 pm each day for Jr. & Sr. Chefs OPTIONAL extended care available from 8:30 – 9:30 am & 2 – 3:30 pm for Jr. & Sr. Chefs only for each camp week during the summer (See page 10 for extended care pricing and registration) 11:30 am – 2 pm each day for KinderCooks (Ages 4-6) All materials, lunches, & snacks are included. Campers eat what they prepare each day for lunch and/or snack. ADVANCE RESERVATIONS are required Camp Tuition & Fees $25 – summer 2016 registration fee per camper; $20 for KinderCooks 4-day camp sessions for Jr. & Sr. Chefs ~  $285 tuition/camper*; $265* – tuition for siblings attending the same camp session  Second and subsequent camp sessions – tuition is $265 each  $75 – single day camp tuition IF space available. (Check with us on Thursday before each camp session.) Plus, $25 summer 2016 registration fee.  * $10 additional tuition supplement applies to Farm to Table camp sessions, to cover specialty ingredients and supplies. 4-day camp sessions for KinderCooks ~  $180 – tuition; $165 – tuition for siblings  Second and subsequent camp sessions – tuition is $165 each  $55 – single day camp tuition IF space available. (Check with us on Thursday before each camp session.) Plus, $20 summer 2016 registration fee. Active Chef Club members ~ 10% tuition discount. Tuition must be submitted with application and is non-refundable. Checks payable to Young Chefs Academy if received at least 10 days before camp begins. We also accept cash, AMEX, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Late pick-ups: $5 for first 10 minutes; $1 per minute thereafter

(Office Use Only) --

Amount Paid: _____________ Date Paid: ______________ Form of Payment:______________

Application and Emergency Medical/Release Information Summer Camps 2016 Child’s Name ______________________________ Gender M__ F__ DOB ___/___/___ Grade _____ Parent or Guardian Name(s)_____________________________________________________________ Child’s Home Mailing Address ___________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip________________________________ Child’s School_____________________________ Child’s Home #________________ Parent Cell # ________________ Parent Work # ________________ Parents’ Email Address ________________________________________________________________ How did you learn about our camps? ____________________________________________________________________________________ Please list any food/substance allergies and any known medical conditions that this child may have: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Please advise us of any medications that this child is taking that may cause disorientation, loss of balance, perceptual difficulties, etc. _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1.

2. 3. 4.

In case of injury or illness, I agree that Culinary Kid, LLC dba Young Chefs Academy of Sandy Springs (“Young Chefs Academy”) will first try to reach me by telephone. If a parent, or guardian/emergency contact person in an emergency, is unavailable, then I give permission for my child to be treated by the Sandy Springs or Fulton County Emergency Medical Squad (911). If the injury is not serious enough for my child to warrant a call to 911, but does require immediate medical attention and a parent or emergency contact person cannot be reached, I give permission for Young Chefs Academy staff members to transport my child to the nearest hospital. I agree to assume responsibility for all medical costs. I authorize Young Chefs Academy to administer minor first aid treatment (such as bandages) to my child. I understand that I must write and sign a note and provide it to Young Chefs Academy anytime my child is to leave with anyone other than those authorized herein. In addition to the authorized parents, persons listed below may be contacted in case of emergency and are authorized to pick up my child. I do hereby release, acquit and discharge Young Chefs Academy and its employees & assistants from any and all claims and demands, costs, loss of service, expenses, and compensation, on account of or in any way occurring out of personal injuries suffered by my child being escorted from one location to the other and injuries and damages resulting from my child’s participation in cooking, art, and physical exercise related activities. I consent to the use of video recordings and photography of my child’s participation in any of the classes and activities taken with Young Chefs Academy.

Emergency Contacts and Pick up Authorization -Name Relationship to Student

Phone #

1._________________________________________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________________________________________ I have read, understand, and agree to the terms & conditions of this enrollment for my child(ren). Parent/Guardian signature: ________________________________________

Date _______________

Camper Name: ________________________________________ (Please print) Please register my child for the following camp sessions ~


$25 per camper; $20 for KinderCooks


STORY BOOKS COME TO LIFE! (KinderCooks) Tuesday - Friday, May 31- June 3 **Full** Daily for above camp (one day limit @ “Try It” rate)

$180 ($165 sibling) $55/camper


$285 ($265 sibling) $75/camper $285 ($265 sibling)


YCA COOKBOOK NOOK Tuesday - Friday, May 31- June 3** Full** Daily for above camp (one day limit @ “Try It” rate) Monday - Thursday, June 27-June 30 ** Open**


SUMMER ROAD TRIP 2016 Monday - Thursday, June 6-9 **Full** Monday - Thursday, July 5-8 ** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling) _____ $285 ($265 sibling) _____

BAKING AND PASTRY 101 Monday - Thursday, June 13-16 **Full** Monday - Thursday, July 11-14 ** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling) ______ $285 ($265 sibling) _____

BAKING AND PASTRY 102 (Sr Chefs (Ages 11-16)) Monday - Thursday, June 13-16 ** Very Limited Availability** $285 ($265 sibling)


YCA GETS CHOPPED AGAIN! Monday - Thursday, June 20-23 ** Full**

$285 ($265 sibling)


YCA FOOD SHOWDOWN!!! (Sr Chefs (Ages 11-16)) Monday - Thursday, June 20-23 ** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling)


WHEELS ON THE BUS SUMMER ROADTRIP (KinderCooks) Monday - Thursday, July 5-July 8** Open**

$180 ($165 sibling)


MANGIA! MANGIA! Monday - Thursday, July 18-21** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling) _______

MANGIA! MANGIA! (Sr Chefs (Ages 11-16)) Monday - Thursday, July 18-21 ** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling) _______

FARM TO TABLE SUMMERTIME BOUNTY Monday – Thursday, July 25-28 ** Open**

$295 ($275 sibling)


Note: A $10 supplement applies to this camp to cover the cost of specialty ingredients and supplies. YCA is not a gluten-free facility; please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have prior to enrolling your child.

GLOBAL GASTRONOMY Monday- Thursday, August 1-4 ** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling)



Monday- Thursday, August 8-11** Open**

$285 ($265 sibling) _____

Summer Camp Registration Fee

$25 ($20 Kindercooks)

Sign up before March 25th and WAIVE the registration fee!!!

Total Tuition from previous page


Less 10% Discount (for Active Chef Club Members only)


Add: Optional Chef Wear


Add: Optional Extended Care Sessions ($8 per am/child or $ 6 per am/ per child) ($10 per pm/child or $8 per pm/ per child)


Total Camp Registration, Tuition and Other Fees


The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that all camp fees are non-refundable. However, with at least 72 hours’ advance notice, we will gladly move your camper to a future camp session during the summer session, space permitting. Camp reservations are confirmed upon our receipt of a completed enrollment form and full payment of tuition and registration fees.

_________________________________________ (Parent Signature) (Date)

The cardholder agrees to pay the Total Amount Due shown above, in accordance with the Cardholder Agreement. Card Type: AMEX___ Visa___ MasterCard___ Discover___ Name on Card: _______________________ Card Number ________________________________________________________________________ Expiration Date (MM/YY) _____________CVC Code:__________ Cardholder Billing Zip:_____________ Cardholder Signature__________________________________________Date:____________________

YOUNG CHEFS ACADEMY OF SANDY SPRINGS CONSENT TO PARTICIPATE AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the minor child named below and hereby consent to such child using one or more of the Young Chefs’ facilities (collectively the “Facility”) and also consent to such child’s participation in all activities or programs sponsored by or involving Young Chefs International, LP, Young Chefs GP, LLC, and all franchisees thereof, including Culinary Kid, LLC dba Young Chefs Academy of Sandy Springs (collectively “Young Chefs”), which activities and programs include, without limitation, cooking programs involving the cooking and preparation of various foods and also the tasting of such foods (collectively the “Activities”). In consideration for Young Chefs allowing the child named below to use the Facility and participate in the Activities, I have agreed to execute this Release of Liability (the “Release”). I acknowledge that using the Facility and participating in the Activities may involve certain inherent risks, including the risk of personal injury. I agree to assume all such risks, as well as any other risks involved in using the Facility, participating in the Activities or participating in any other activity sponsored by or involving Young Chefs. I release and discharge Young Chefs and all of its employees, agents, representatives, partners, and members, as well as all other persons or entities that may own, operate, or manage each Facility, the Activities, or Young Chefs (collectively the “Released Parties”), from and against any and all damages, actions, claims, and liabilities, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, suspected or unsuspected, relating to or arising from any activity, occurrence, or event involving, related to, or arising out of the Facility, the Activities, or Young Chefs. This Release is intended to release and discharge the Released Parties from all damages, actions, claims, and liabilities of any nature, specifically including, but not limited to, damages, actions, claims, and liabilities arising from or related to the negligence of the Released Parties. I further agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Young Chefs and each of the other Released Parties from and against any loss, damage, liability, and expense, including costs and attorney’s fees incurred by Young Chefs or any of the other Released Parties as a result of my child using the Facility, participating in the Activities, or participating in any other activities sponsored by or involving Young Chefs. Young Chefs reserves the right to use any photograph taken at the Facility, or in connection with any Activities or other activity involving Young Chefs, including but not limited to those taken during a program, a birthday party, a group event, or other activity, to be used in Young Chefs’ promotional materials, brochures, and website.


Printed Name of Child Participating

__________________________________________ Signature of Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian

Printed Name of Parent or Court-Appointed Legal Guardian

______________________________ Date

Camp Can-I-Cook® Optional Chefwear Order

Chefwear will be available on the first day of camp for your camper! Add amounts for any chefwear you wish to order – 1. Apron (youth small, for kids up to 8 years) 

Embroidered YCA logo

Add embroidered name to above

$18 + $1.26 tax = $19.26 $15 + $1.05 tax = $16.05

_____________________________ Name to be embroidered

________ ________

___________________ Color of thread

2. Apron (youth large, ages 9+) 

Embroidered logo

Add embroidered name to above

$20 + $1.40 tax = $21.40 $15 + $1.05 tax = $16.05

_____________________________ Name to be embroidered

________ ________

___________________ Color of thread

3. Chef Hat 

Plain toque, one-size-fits-all

Add embroidered name to above

$8 + $0.56 tax = $8.56 $15 + $1.05 tax = $16.05

_____________________________ Name to be embroidered

________ ________

___________________ Color of thread

4. Chef Jacket with YCA logo (embroidered on top left) -

Chef jacket (contact us for sizing) $40 + $2.80 tax = $42.80


Add embroidered name to above


$15 + $1.05 tax = $16.05

_____________________________ Name to be embroidered

Total of above

_________________ Color of thread

$ _______________________________________

Camp Can-I-Cook® 2016 OPTIONAL EXTENDED CARE REQUEST Camper’s Name(s) ____________________________________ (Please print)

Camp Session _______________________________________ (Please insert dates)

Check all that are applicable: Monday, 8:30 – 9:30 am


Monday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm


Tuesday, 8:30 – 9:30 am


Tuesday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm


Wednesday, 8:30 – 9:30 am


Wednesday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm


Thursday, 8:30 – 9:30 am


Thursday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm


Friday, 8:30 – 9:30 am


Friday, 2:00 – 3:30 pm


Total # sessions from above


# Above X $8 am care~ If purchasing for more than one child $6 am care (per child) # Above X $10 pm care~ If purchasing for more than one child $8 pm care (per child) __________

Signed ________________________________________________ (Parent or Guardian) Date __________________________________________________

Please provide to YOUNG CHEFS ACADEMY of SANDY SPRINGS at least 3 days prior to beginning of camp session. FAX # 404.255.3498. Payment requested for extended care sessions no later than first day of camp. Thank you!