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TAKE YOUR TERRITORY! This   is   a   significant   year   in   Canadian   history.     150   years  ago,  on  July  1st,  1867,  the  Dominion  of  Canada   was   officially   formed.     The   Fathers   of   ConfederaCon   took   Psalm   72:8   as   Canada’s   moIo,   declaring:   “He   shall   have   dominion   from   sea   to   sea.”     As   we   celebrate   our   Bi-­‐Centennial,   we   recognize   the   great   faith  and  perseverance  of  explorers  and  missionaries   who  were  determined  to  see  that  propheCc  scripture   fulfilled.     They   forged   through   rugged   mountains,   forests  and  waterways  to  open  territories  for  seIlers,   evangelize   the   naCve   people   and   establish   communiCes  from  coast  to  coast.     Today,   Canada   not   only   stretches   “from   sea   to   sea”   but   also   extends   north   to   “the   ends   of   the   earth”.     Canadians  can  say  “We’ve  fulfilled  our  desCny;  we’ve   taken   our   territory.”   But   does   Jesus   really   have   “dominion”   in   Canada?     Is   He   living   in   the   hearts   and   direcCng  the  lives  of  Canadians?   Take  Your  Territory!   If   you   are   a   believer   in   Christ,   you   have   spiritual   authority,   based   on   Canada’s   founding   scripture,   to   take   your   territory   -­‐   to   stake   your   claim   –   to   give   Jesus   dominion   in   your   community,   in   your   family   and  in  your  personal  life.     Take  Territory  in  Your  City:   Proverbs   11:11   says,   “By   the   blessing   of   the   upright   the   city   is   exalted.”     Begin   declaring   blessing   over   your  community.  Get  involved;  speak  out  on  issues  of   spiritual   and   moral   importance;   pray   for   your   municipal   leaders   and   boldly   share   your   faith.     Give   of   your   Cme   and   talents   to   make   your   community   a   beIer  place  to  live.  

Summer 2017

Take  Territory  for  Your  Family:   Like  Joshua,  you  can  stake  your  claim  for  your  family.   He   said,   “Choose   this   day   whom   you   will   serve…but   as   for   me   and   my   house   we   will   serve   the   Lord.”  (Joshua  24:15).    Establish  a  daily  Cme  of  prayer   with  and  for  your  family;  teach  them  Biblical  values;   take   them   to   church   and   create   an   atmosphere   of   peace   and   praise   in   your   home.     Provide   a   strong   spiritual  example  for  your  spouse  and  children  as  you   lead  them  to  a  solid  relaConship  with  Jesus.   Take   Back   Territory   the   Enemy   has   Stolen   in   Your   Own  Life:   Fill  your  mind  and  feed  your  spirit  with  God’s  Word.   Do   not   allow   the   enemy   to   establish   a   stronghold.   Forgive   quickly;   love   lavishly   and   pray   without   ceasing.     When   you   feel   spiritually   weak   or   struggle   with   physical   problems,   start   declaring,   “The   Lord   is   my   strength   and   my   shield;   my   heart   trusts   in   Him   and  I  am  helped;  therefore  my  heart  greatly  rejoices,   and   with   my   song   I   will   praise   Him.”   (Psalm   28:7).   Take  Him  at  His  Word  and  expect  miracles!       A  Significant  Year:   This  year  is  parCcularly  special  for  us.    In  addiCon  to   Canada’s  150th  Anniversary,  Gwen  and  I  celebrate  our   50th  year  of  full  Cme  ministry,  45  of  which  have  been   spent  in  evangelism  and  healing  ministry  throughout   Canada.    

Bill Prankard Evangelistic Association

Steven   Carleton   and   I   have   dedicated   our   lives   to   taking   back   Canadian   territory   for   Jesus   and   seeing   precious   Inuit   young   people   throughout   Canada’s   ArcCc  delivered  from  the  enemy’s  clutches  and  set  on   a   path   of   freedom   and   hope.     We   have   commiIed   to   take  the  ArcCc  Hope  Project  to  several  more  northern   communiCes   this   year,   and   have   also   developed   “Anaana”,   a   program   to   minister   to   the   hearts   and   needs  of  single  young  mothers  in  the  ArcCc.           It  is  also  Israel’s  50th  year  of  having  Jerusalem  as  her   capital,   a   fact   of   great   spiritual   and   propheCc   significance.     I   recently   spent   nearly   two   weeks   in   Israel,   and   as   I   ministered   and   traveled   through   the   land,   I   declared   the   promise   God   gave   to   Joshua:   “Every  place  that  the  sole  of  your  foot  will  tread  upon   I   have   given   you,”   (Joshua   1:3).     I   speak   blessing   on  

Summer 2017

the  land  and  the  people  of  Israel  and  pray  that  their   eyes  will  be  opened  to  the  Messiah.   I’m   asking   you   to   consider   giving   a   special   Bi-­‐ Centennial   gic   of   $150.00   to   honour   these   special   milestones.    As  you  give,  make  this  declaraCon:  “I  am   standing   on   guard   for   Canada   and   I’m   taking   back   territory   for   God!”     Just   imagine   all   the   lives   across   the   naCon   and   youth   throughout   the   Canadian   ArcCc   that   we   could   reach   if   1000   people   would   partner   with  this  special  $150.00  gic!       We   are   counCng   on   your   partnership   and   your   prayers  to  fulfill  everything  God  has  commissioned  us   to  do  this  year.    Help  us  take  back  territory  for  Jesus   in  Canada  in  this  Bi-­‐Centennial  year!   Yours  in  Him,

Bill  Prankard  &  Steven  Carleton  

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