Summer Immersion 2017

Summer Immersion 2017 -

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The  UpDogSchool  For  Yoga  can  help  you  begin  an   open-­‐hearted  journey  to  becoming  a  Yoga   Instructor  as  you  learn  how  to  share  what  you  love   with  others  –  it’s  the  best  thing  you’ll  ever  do!    

UpDog’s  curriculum  is  both  heart  and  spirit  based,   helping  students  learn  the  skills  necessary  to  teach   mindful,  therapeu3c  yoga  for  every  body  –  whether   your  style  is  Ashtanga,  Vinyasa,  Basic  Hatha  or  Yin.        

RYT200  Yoga  Teacher  Training

Summer  Immersion  2017   July  14  –  July  29

We’re  accep3ng  applica3ons  for  a  2-­‐week  Summer   Training  Immersion,  beginning  Friday,  July  14  –  July   29  2017  (sessions  meet  daily).    Training  will  consist   of  four  (4)  back-­‐to-­‐back  training  modules  covering   all  teacher  training  core  curriculum  items  in  a   concentrated,  con3nuous  16-­‐day  learning  cycle.        

Students  will  become  immersed  in  and  learn:     Founda'ons  of  Teaching  Yoga:    philosophy,  history,   living  the  yamas  &  niyamas,  daily  medita3on  prac3ce,   teaching  methodology  and  much  more.   Ashtanga  Yoga  Intensive:  includes  a  “deep  dive”  into   understanding,  prac3cing  and  instruc3ng  in  the   primary  and  secondary  poses  of  this  noble  prac3ce.      



Founda'ons  of  Basic  &  Yin:  understanding  anatomy,   modifying  Basic  and  Yin  prac3ces  for  specific   therapeu3c  modali3es,  developing  class  formats,   u3lizing  therapeu3c  adjustments  and  more.     The  Art  of  Adjustment:    this  module  will  take  students   into  a  profound  understanding  of  the  techniques  and   benefits  of  mindful,  supported  and  therapeu3c   adjustments  as  it  applies  to  their  ability  to  teach  the   change  you  want  to  see!    

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Over  the  past  16  years,  UpDog  has  trained  and   cer3fied  hundreds  of  Michigan’s  strongest  yoga   teachers  and  studio  owners:   •  UpDog  teachers  and  staff  are  some  of  the  most   experienced  in  the  industry,  many  with  the  highest   cer3fica3ons  available  from  Yoga  Alliance,  including   E-­‐RYT500  and  C-­‐IAYT.       •  UpDog  School  Director,  Duane  Utech,  is  the  author  of   The  Art  of  Yoga  Adjustment  and  the  recently   published  Yinsight:  A  Yin  Yoga  Prac8ce  Guide,  which   are  u3lized  during  the  training.   •  You  will  learn  from  the  best  and  receive  personalized   agen3on  as  part  of  our  RYT200  Teacher  Training   Cer3fica3on  program.