1 small flashlight. • Sunscreen. • Small Bible w/pen or pencil. • Bug Spray (no aerosols)*. • Small, compressible day pack*. • Sun glasses*...

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What to Bring (Please use a duffle bag rather than a suitcase) • Sleeping bag (preferably mummy-style) with stuff sack • Foam ground pad* • 1 or 2 bandanas*, 2-pairs of shorts • 1 pair walking shoes • T-shirts or tank tops, 1 sweatshirt • 1 heavy, synthetic long-sleeved shirt or jacket* • 1 pair long pants or sweats-synthetic (i.e. nylon, pile, fleece—not cotton) • 1 pair shoes that will stay on your feet while rafting (like water shoes or Teva- type sandals-Strap-on heel-NO FLIP FLOPS) • Modest swimsuit (one-piece swimsuit for girls) • Hat with brim or visor* • Lip Balm with sunscreen* • Toiletries kit-toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, handy wipes • Water bottle-recommend 32oz/1qt unbreakable plastic • 1 small flashlight • Sunscreen • Small Bible w/pen or pencil • Bug Spray (no aerosols)* • Small, compressible day pack* • Sun glasses* *Recommended but not mandatory

• If you have not already paid for extras, bring a purchase form—found at Optional

• Waterproof camera (inexpensive) Put name on camera! • Clean clothes for trip home • Cotton socks

What NOT to Bring • Electronic devices (e.g. Radios, iPods, cd players) • Expensive cameras Alcohol, drugs • Electronic games Firearms, knives, weapons of any kind • Cell phones Jewelry and valuables Please do not bring anything that would break your heart if you lost it! Please label EVERYTHING with camper’s name. Since these campers leave camp on Monday morning and don’t return until Friday, late afternoon, please send to arrive by the Friday before camp, or the Thursday of camp. Mailing Address: Shipping Address: Camper’s Name, Whitewater & Wilderness Camper’s Name, Whitewater & Wilderness Kidder Creek Camps Kidder Creek Camps PO Box 208 2700 S. Kidder Creek Road Greenview, CA 96037 Greenview, CA 96037 (Do NOT use Etna, CA [GPS] as packages will be delayed—send to Greenview)

Kidder Creek | po box 208 | greenview, ca 96037 | 530.467.3265 | 888.226.7386 | FAX 530.467.5328