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Extension Activity




A mystery needs to be solved! Your class has been selected as the main detectives on the case. Your students will be helping the mayor of Superville solve the mystery of which super hero saved the day. Mayor Marvelous would like to reward the superhero who saved the day; however, none of the super heroes wants to take credit for it because they are so humble. Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye were all in Superville the day that the First Bank of Superville was robbed. Mayor Marvelous would like to properly reward the super hero and wants to know which super hero saved the day by catching the bank robbers at the bus station. Three of the super heroes do not wear armor. One of the super heroes is green. Hawkeye carries a bow. After the crime took place, Iron Man and Hawkeye were at the Superville courthouse and Hulk was eating dinner behind the Super H Diner. The hero did not wear a mask and had red hair. Who saved the day? Using bulk LEGO® bricks, give the students four of each color – white, blue, yellow, and green. As the students read the clues, have them figure out who the true hero might be by placing a brick on the answers they know. For example, the students know that the Hulk is green, so they would put a green brick on Is green for the Hulk.


Wears armor and/or wears a mask

Location of superheroes Hair Color when the robbers were arrested

Carries a bow

Ironman (white brick) Hawkeye (blue brick) Hulk (green brick) Black Widow (yellow brick) • 800-362-4308