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LRA Board Meeting September 5th , 2013

Synopsis Attendees: Richard Beswitherick Shawn LeBlue Garry Sindlinger Brad Robinson Regrets: Christine Loseth

Sue Stevenson Paige Sauter Tanya Miller Jessica Ursel

Ed Zarowny Shari Harding Kristen Millband Mariko Boulet

Agenda Item

Sonny Zgurski


Call to Order

1. Additions to the Agenda

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Business Arising From Last Meeting Minutes



Business 4. President’s Report (Richard)

Send in the bond cheque for $600

We have a U7 coach if there is a team.

To Ringette AB –Teams need to be AX by Sept 15 -

 5. U of L

Need to tell them the # of teams we have by division and the level they will play at (A, B, C)

AB Winter games- We need 2 reps on the committee- Greg Marten and Richard will do it. They will help with the process of voting for a coach.

 Try outs to be help: Sept 12, 18  12 returning players and about 25 ladies to try out this year.  Want to go in about 4 or 5 tournaments.  They will have about 6 people for the CTR  They will host their 1 ringette camp at Nicholas Sheran Sept 14 from 8:004:00. st


6. Treasurer’s Report (Sonny)

 $8300 revenue  New Bingo Hall is worth doing the bingos. It is bringing in money for the LRA.  We spent $2200 on uniforms and have about $8000 left to spend.

7. Old Business: 8. New Business: 9. Vice President (Shawn)

There is a bingo form on line so people can sign up ON LINE

We still need 3 more people for the back room at the Bingo Hall

Website is up and running and looks AWESOME!

We have a TWITTER account – LRA ringette

Shawn will meet with Mark Campbell to discuss LRA

Shawn will meet with Dylan Purcell to discuss LRA, ringette and CTR

 We want to put the scores in the paper for the U12 and higher age groups  We NEED a PROMOTIONS person so please bring names forward as this is a huge part of our association. 

10. Fundraising Report (Christine) 11. Promotions (Susan)


11. Equipment (Ed)


13. Registrar’s Report (Tanya)

So far we have the following signed up in each division:  U7 – 2 U14 – 9  U9 – 15 U16 - 13  U10 – 7 U19 - 2  U12 - 13  We have coaches for all the age groups.  We need a female on the bench for the U7s.  Coaching clinics will be held in Calgary and Airdrie so look on line to find one that’s convenient for you.

14. Director of Coaching (Gary)

15. Referee Report (Jessica)

Talked to RA (Lorn) and he said that the minimum age to ref is 14 however we can get younger refs for this year if anyone is interested.

Mariko – will ask U of L players if they are

16. Ice Allocator (Brad)

17. Tournament Report (Shari)

18. Director of Player Development (Sue)

Clinic to be held in Med. Hat Sept 14

Level 1 refresher is Sunday Oct 13 here in Lethbridge

Level 2 clinic will be held in Med Hat at some point.

Sept 13 is a diner for the refs – so they can get together as a group.

Refing rates are: U8-U12 - $20, U14 and U16 - $25, U19 - $30 and U of L is $35

No one qualifies to do the Open games

The Twin Rinks are dedicated to tournaments on weekends

1 rink for Minor Hockey

1 rink for figure skating

We would like to gain access to the Adams arena for our home office when LMHA moves out.

The plan is to build another twin arena in 2024

The plan is to close Civic and Adams in 2020

Ice times have been allocated for the U7 and U9 on Mondays and the U10 and U12s on Tuesdays. See website for all other practice schedules.

Game Cancellation: - has to go through the coaches



Decide if you can use the ice as a practice


Last resort is to call Brad


Need 2 weeks notice otherwise LRA get CHARGED

The Lodge will have group booking and will partner with us for out of town teams.

Will form a committee.

Need to get together at the beginning of October to talk about the Chinook Tournament.

The schedule has been set for the conditioning camp.

Friday power skating has been set up with 2 different instructors

interested in reefing


 

Jessica to send flowers to Christy and her family for the loss of a family member.

9. Date Of Next meeting

10. Meeting Adjourned

 At 9:05  

October 3 at 7:00 at Teamworks