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LRA Board Meeting July 3rd , 2013

Synopsis Attendees: Brad Robinson Shawn LeBlue Garry Sindlinger

Sue Stevenson Christine Loseth Tanya Miller

Jessica Ursel Deb Zarowny

Regrets: Richard Beswitherick Ed Zarowny

Susan Williamson Sonny Zgurski

Shari Harding

Agenda Item


Call to Order


1. Additions to the Agenda


2. Approval of Agenda

Motioned by Christine Loseth

2 by Jessica Ursel


Should we get 4 people to evaluate the U12 and higher groups to help determine the level of that team (A, B, C) instead of the entire board?

Also, these 4 people would then make recommendations to the board that will then have the final say.

This will help in determining the level at which these teams will play in the Calgary league.

A motion was made by Sue to have 4 people (an evaluation committee) rate the players. For this year these member will be:

3. Business Arising From Last Meeting Minutes


Business 4. President’s Report (Richard)


Director of Coaching – Garry


Referee in Chief – Jessica


A U of L Player or Coach


An outside member –possibly Ryan Westerson


2 by Brad.

Can we encourage the older players to register early so we know if there will be a team at that level?

Ed has sent out an email to many of the older girls informing their families that there is a possibility to join the Calgary league if there are enough players.

Richardson’s Golf Tournament will take place August 22 with the wine and cheese evening August 21.

Richard and Sue will attend the Wine and Cheese event.

We need 10 volunteers for the day of the golf tournament. This will count for a Bingo for the 10 volunteers.

We have a Casino July 8 and 9. All the volunteers have been organized.


5. U of L

 Nothing to report.

6. Treasurer’s Report (Sonny)

 Nothing to report.

Shawn will send out an email asking for volunteers for the golf tournament. Sue will get information on buying golf shirts for the board members and the volunteers of the golf tournament. Garry will send an email out to U16 and U19 players who have not registered yet.

Tanya will send out an email to all the volunteers notifying them of the time change for the casino.

7. Old Business: 8. New Business: 9. Fundraising Report (Christine)

All the cheques have cleared from Lucky’s Bingo Hall

All the accounts from this Bingo Hall have been closed.

We will get a large amount of money from the sale of the building and will hold $5000 in our account until we are told the process of the sale is complete.

Christine would like to discuss at a later meeting the possibility of eliminating the Bingos and increasing the fees next year. The increase in fees will be approximately $50 a player.

July 20 Bingo- we will pay a lady to be pay master that day as none of our paymasters are available. The fee is $50.

Christine mentioned the possibility of having an allowance to spend at the Bingo hall for volunteers. The board decided against this as this is a fundraiser for our association and in the past, people have taken


Christine will contact the Paymaster lady to hire her for July 20th

advantage of this. 10. Promotions (Susan)

11. Equipment (Ed)

CTR is September 7 between 9-11:30 am.

Location TBA.

Ed contacted Ringette AB regarding the Winter games. He won’t know anything until mid August.


12. Registrar’s Report (Tanya)

 

So far our numbers look good. The best it’s been for early registration. A total of 57 players so far.


13. Director of Coaching (Gary)

Talked to Kristen at Ringette AB that there are NO coaching clinics in Southern AB and Calgary typically does not let other associations other than their own participate in their Coaching Clinics. We should host our own clinic here and invite other associations to come.


Garry will contact Ringette AB to see if they will come here to do a clinic in the Fall.


Garry will send out an email with Shaw asking for all coaching application to be in by the end of August.


Jessica will contact Ringette AB to see if we can have younger kids’ refing the younger division to start them off earlier.


Jessica will ask Terri if he would be interested in mentoring.


Jessica will bring this up to the board next meeting

14. Referee Report (Jessica)

We need a referee clinic and it would be nice to have it the same weekend as the coaching clinic.

Some of the board members wondered if it is possible to get younger kids’ refing the younger divisions.

What about a mentorship program? Perhaps Terri Saunders would be interested in mentoring younger refs?

After the meeting finished it was brought up that it would be nice to supply our refs with a uniform and possibly a jacket with the LRA logo on it,

15. Ice Allocator (Brad)

Our ice request has been submitted to the city and we should hear back from them at the end of July.

16. Tournament Report (Shari)

The Chinook Tournament will be the 3 weekend in November.


17. Director of Player Development (Sue)

All uniforms have been ordered.




Sue will bring apparel next meeting

18. Action Items from last meeting

1. Shawn will contact Tara Pansky to see if she will spearhead the ABC program. o Tara does not feel she can commit to this program this year. The Chris Gallagher has expressed interest in the ABC program. 2. Sue will contact Ringette AB to get the kit and any further instructions. As well, to see if they come down to train the coaches. o Contact was made and Ringette AB –Kristen- will get back to Sue when they have finalized and have materials to send out. Hopefully in August.

3. Richard will send out a mass email to the membership about the league. o Done 4. Ed will contact Dave Myers to get the details about the Winter Games. o Done. We won’t know anything until mid August. 5. Shawn will put the information on the web site once he receives the information from Ed. o We will wait for information at this point. 6. Ed will contact anyone he knows that may be interested. o Done 7. Shawn to put these policies in the LRA Policies & Procedures o Done 8. Shawn and Richard will send out an email to the membership asking for volunteers for Paymaster. o We have a few Paymasters at this point. 9. Shawn and Tanya will send out 2 more reminders before the end of June to register. o Done 10. Sue will order the pants and jerseys o Done. However Sue received a call from PenerAll Pants and they cannot match the blue she wanted exactly as she cannot get that color at the moment so Sue will double check the color she will order. 11. Sue will bring a few different tracksuits to the next meeting.

o Tabled until next meeting. 12. Sue will contact Ryan about power skating. o Done. Have not heard back from Ryan yet

9. Date Of Next meeting

10. Meeting Adjourned

 At 8:30  


August 15 at Teamworks