Thanksgiving Basket Checklist - 2017

[PDF]Thanksgiving Basket Checklist - 2017 -

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Thanksgiving Basket Shopping List Thank you for taking this basket. You are making a true gift of love to the family who receives it. The Interfaith Community Services (ICS) staff has told us that many of the families who get these baskets have never before had a traditional Thanksgiving meal. And now they will! Your mission: • Purchase all of the food items listed below (and only those listed below, please) • Return all of the food items plus the laundry basket to the St. Bart’s Conference Room no later than 10:15 on Sunday, Nov. 19th • If you have questions, call JD Cowart at 619-857-8088

____ FROZEN turkey (no fresh turkeys, please!) ____ Instant potatoes – one (1) large box or bag (approx. 28 oz) ____ Stuffing mix – two (2) large bags or boxes (approx. 12-oz each) ____ Chicken broth – four (4) 14.5-oz. cans or two (2) 32-oz boxes ____ Cranberry sauce – two (2) 14-oz cans ____ Green beans – four (4) 14.5-oz. cans ____ Cream of mushroom soup – two (2) 10-oz. cans ____ Fried onions (e.g., French’s) – one (1) 6-oz can or bag ____ Turkey Gravy – two (2) packets dry mix or two (2) 10.5-oz cans/jars ____ FROZEN pumpkin or apple pie – one (1) pie (no fresh pies, please!)

Please return before 10:15 am service on NOVEMBER 19th (You may drive your car to the circular drive at the top of the St. Bart’s parking lot for help in unloading your basket)