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感恩节 gǎn'ēn jié

感恩节 are the characters used to denote the name of the Thanksgiving holiday, which has been imported from the U.S. and Canadian traditions. If people know any Chinese, they will Location of Arusha, Tanzania

Thanksgiving This year I will be traveling away from my family and home

typically know 谢谢 (xièxiè), which means “thanks”. 谢 can follow 感 to mean

community for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will be attending the

“thanks” as well. Interestingly, for the GPENreformation. You may remember that I joined their meeting last name of the year in Rwanda and the preceding “schools500reformation” project Thanksgiving meetings in Wittenberg and the Netherlands in 2015 an 2016. This holiday, the common year’s meeting is in Arusha, Tanzania. GPENreformation is a collegial “thanks” character, network of Protestant schools worldwide who are intentionally 谢, is not used. advocating for Christian education across a variety of context and Instead, the second situations. In addition, the network is seeks to support schools in character, 恩, means considering what it means to be a Christian school today. The current “grace”. As such, focus on the network is related to the gift of peace that became when we think of incarnate in Jesus Christ, the peace he promises us, and the way our Thanksgiving in receiving of that gift then informs our actions of reconciliation through China, we are specifically thankful our daily vocation. The network organizers continue to invite me to for grace. Beautiful! join this meeting of Christian educators, and I am glad to encourage 1 Corinthians 1:4-9 and support them in their callings to a variety of ministries. In Ambassador’s conference for the Global Pedagogy Network called

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NOVEMBER 2018 contact: [email protected]


addition, I appreciate the opportunity this network provides me to become informed about methods and activities that Christian schools and school systems are using around the world to share the Gospel. It is amazing how God opens conversations for me to share the things I’ve learned at these meetings with people in conversation about our Lutheran schools in Asia. Please keep my trip in your prayers, and pray for Joel and the kids’ safety and joy while I am away.

Thankful It is such a wonderful gift that even as we prepare for Jesus’ coming during Advent, starting shortly after Thanksgiving, we first have the timing of this historic holiday of Thanksgiving. Our family would like to share our deepest “thank you” to each of you. Through your love, prayers, encouragement, and generosity, our family has been blessed to serve God’s mission in Asia since 2004. That is really an amazing thing!

Teaching While teaching is not my primary role, I do love any opportunity to serve as a facilitator or teacher. During the past three years the bulk of my teaching time has been with children ages 7-10. God decided it was time to challenge me with a different age group. This year I have three weekly groups. Two of the groups are composed of students who are not Christian. The third group is the ongoing Today’s Light Bible study that I have facilitated now for 3 ½ years. On Monday morning I teach an English class for Mandarinspeakers. On Friday morning I teach an English reading group for Mandarin speakers. We are currently reading the story of Joseph in Genesis. The women in the class have never read the Bible before, and I love to hear their questions and their surprise at the twists and turns of the story. I pray that through God’s word they come to know God’s faithfulness to them is as strong and powerful as his faithfulness to Joseph. These classes are community classes, and Church of All

Prayers • For the Christian teachers and administrators who will attend the GPENreformation meeting this week. Pray that they experience the grace of Jesus through the conversation and return to their schools with renewed energy and trust in how God is sustaining their ministry and touching the lives of children through their efforts. • Prayers for the joyful drama provided by our two girls. Talia was in her middle school play and Eliada performed in her high school play during the weekend of November 9. • For comfort for the family of our long-time partner in mission, Lee Umland. We met him when we first arrived in mainland China in 2006. He and his wife, Sharon, have been a blessing for us as we have served in God’s mission since that time. We thank God for the gift of faith that Lee was bold to share with others.

Nations provides their office area for me to lead the classes. To provide financial support for this ministry, please send your gift to: Mission of Christ Network* P.O. Box 533 Concordia, Missouri 64020 *indicate it is for Scheiwe Support




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Grant Funds available? We are working on plans for Concordia Mission Institute (CMI) 2019, to be held on the campus of Saint Paul Lutheran High School in Concordia, Missouri next July. CMI is the joint mission training initiative of Lutheran Bible Translators and Mission of Christ Network. Last year we hosted missionary families and prospective missionaries for our organizations for a week in God’s word and Christian fellowship to train and encourage our teams in service in God’s mission. Last year we especially included specific programming for our missionary youth. Trinity Lutheran Church in Kansas City generously provided grant funding and volunteers to help us start the youth program. If your congregation has a grant funds program that I can apply to for support of CMI, please let me know. Any amount is a blessing to our ability to support the care and development of these two mission organization teams.

CWEF team meeting This did not make it in to my last newsletter since I wanted to share about the typhoon. At the end of August I joined the annual staff meeting of Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation (CWEF). CWEF supports training and partnership with village communities in China and Cambodia. Many of you will remember that this is the organization I served as Director prior to joining the Mission of Christ Network team in 2015. They invited me to facilitate discussions around the idea of how God sustains us in our service/work.

Prayer Retreat This picture shows the wonderful small group that I traveled with to a far corner of Hong Kong for a 24hour retreat focused on prayer in October. You may recognize two of my MCN colleagues, Ruth and Emily. It was awesome to know these women better, to pray together and think about prayer together. It was also a blessed opportunity that God provided to continue to equip me with skills and experience in encouraging others. To provide financial support for this ministry, please send your gift to: Mission of Christ Network* P.O. Box 533 Concordia, Missouri 64020 *indicate it is for Scheiwe Support