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THE DALLAS CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU MARKETING COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES OF JANUARY 6, 2016 Members Present: Dana Williams (Chair) Amber Bufkin Dean Fearing Melanie Ferguson Sonny Garcia

Nevin Grinnell Chris Heinbaugh Sharon McCloskey Margaret McKoin

Shabnam Modgil Harold Queisser Jan True Tina Young

Members Absent: Robbie Briggs Amy Cowan Cecile Fernandez

Bill Macatee Benton Payne Shalissa Perry

Dale Petroskey Joyce Williams Jeffrey Yarbrough

Staff Present: Brenda Bond

Noelle LeVeaux

Frank Librio


Call to Order/Welcome & Introductions Dana Williams called the regular meeting of the Marketing Committee to order at 11:40am. The meeting was held in the boardroom of the DCVB.


Approval of Minutes The minutes of July 8, 2015 were approved as read.


CVB 101 Presentation Matt Jones presented an overview of the CVB. See the attached handout for details or you may view the full presentation using the drop box link below: %20external.pptx?dl=0


2015 End of Year Wrap Up/Review Noelle LeVeaux did a brief overview of the BIG campaign for 2015 highlighting key events starting with the LA Food & Wine Festival. As a sponsor of this event we had the unique opportunity to literally bring Dallas to the West Coast. Partnering with Chef Tim Byers from Smoke and Deep Ellum Brewery, we created a custom booth that allowed festival attendees to experience a taste of what Dallas has to offer. In order to refresh our meeting planner digital placements, we developed an interactive flash banner that leveraged the success of swipe-to-play apps. The



performance on these new pieces greatly surpassed the performance of the previous generation of digital ads. New B&G partnerships for 2015 included the Dallas Morning News/Breast Cancer Awareness and the Scottish Rite Hospital, True Value Hardware and Parkland Hospital. Receiving the Dallas Regional Chamber Blueprint Award, and Community Catalyst Award, the BIG campaign launched in 2013 has become synonymous with Dallas and all that it stands for. The B&G letters have visited hundreds of locations throughout the city, 35,000 #DallasBIG photos have been shared on Instagram. The Dallas BIG campaign sparked a renewed interest among locals and had a positive impact on tourism. And finally, a new press gallery sharing many of the articles written about our city and those who participated in many great events the city has offered has been added to the halls of the CVB. V.

2016 Marketing Committee: Local engagement. Noelle LeVeaux shared results of the first meeting last year with those neighborhoods interested in participating in the BIG campaign Phase III, B&G permanent fixture movement - looking at this committee to focus on pushing out these initiatives by way of local engagement. Realizing the cost to create the structures and maintain them was a barrier, she is offering to incur initial cost and first year of maintenance. She proposed a subcommittee be formed within the marketing committee to oversee the initial discussions and coordinate the launch of this phase. Jan True volunteered to spear head this group that will meet monthly or as needed. Shabnam Modgil suggested giving committee members talking points that could be used to share with other organizations and groups they may be involved with to assist in getting the word out and get people onboard with this initiative. Ms. LeVeaux agreed a note should go out to members with an update of this newly formed committee and asking for more volunteers as well as a letter to those interested participants from 2015 in hopes that the first meeting would be scheduled before the end of January.

There being no further business to come before the committee, the meeting adjourned at 12:40 pm. .

_________________________________ Brenda Bond

January 6, 2016