The Power of God's Touch

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5. In what ways does Jesus affirm high value of the recipients of these four miracles?

6. How has appropriate meaningful touch shown you love, lifted your spirits, encouraged you or added a sparkle to your day?

September 20, 2015 7. Think back to your growing years and the words people said to you. What words of acceptance or encouragement do you remember?

Matthew 8:1 - 17 & 9:1-8

The Power of God’s Touch Key Thought: Once you have __________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

What effect did they have on you? I. Did you hear words of discouragement? How did it impact you?

Christ extends ___________________________________________ A. Christ’s _______________brings __________________________ B. Christ’s ________________ brings _________________________ C. Christ’s ________________ brings _________________________

8. We can say or do a wide variety of things to attach high value to another person. To which of the following acts do you attach high value?

II. Christ’s _____________ brings _______________________________ A. The _____________________ of Christ causes spiritual ________ _____________________________________________________

9. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Praising thoughtfulness Acknowledging good qualities or character traits Rewarding good performance A pat on the shoulder for an obedient attitude A note in your lunch bag saying. “you are tops”!

B. The ____________________ of Christ removes the ___________ _____________________________________________________

Let’s Make it Personal.

TIP Sheet

(Take It Personal)

Use the below questions to aid you in making personal application of your study in the Word.

1. In verse one of Matthew 8 the leper says “Lord, if you will, you can make me clean”. What is implied by the leper’s statement?

2. Why do you think Jesus touched the leper? He could have just said you are healed. What personal application can you make from Jesus’s action?

3. What role does faith play in the account of the leper, the centurion’s servant and the paralytic?

4. Why were the scribes upset at Christ words “Take heart my son your sins are forgiven”. (Mt. 9:2)