The Purpose of Money

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The Purpose of Money Money Talks Unlocking the Secrets of Wealth, Part 2

Message by Pastor Tom Mercer January 23-24, 2016

Some secrets aren’t true:

1. Pastors talk too much about money.

2. 10% of your money belongs to God.

Psalm 24:1

Tithe = 10%

3. Financial blessing is a sign of God’s love.

1. How do you view money differently than your parents did? 2. Have you ever had an opportunity for financial gain, but it would have meant compromising your morals or being dishonest?

Money is a tool.

When God gives you more of it, He is not saying that He loves you more, but that He wants to use you more.

Luke 12:48

3. Pastor Tom mentioned three myths people believe about money. Which one(s) have you believed at some point in your life?

Generosity is a trigger.

Proverbs 11:25, Luke 16:1-12

4. Read Luke 16:1-13. Who do the rich man, manager and the debtors represent? 

5. What do you think Jesus’ main point is in this parable? Why?

1. The Master was pleased.

Christianity’s goal is to turn rebels into worshippers.

Worship is being both appreciative of God’s character and attentive to God’s agenda.

2. The worker became a trusted partner.

Luke 16:11, Luke 6:38

6. Would the parable have turned out differently if the manager knew he would be demanded to “give an account?”

3. The worker was provided his own reward.

Luke 16:12

7. Understanding that God will ask you to give an account for how you manage money, what attitude or practice do you need to change? 8. Why do you think the rich man (master) commends the dishonest manager? What does that reveal about the rich man’s heart?

Getting to Heaven is all that matters until you get there.

Matthew 6:19-20

At some point our Master will not only call us home, He call us in.

9. Read Luke 16:9. What do you think Jesus means in this verse? How can you use your worldly wealth to make an impact for eternity?

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