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Using the vile vocabulary from the first four books in A Series of Unfortunate Events, complete this crossword puzzle. It will keep you busy, but it might also make you cry. 1









5. "Unsteady or likely to collapse," like Aunt Josephine's house

9 Copyright HarperCollins 2017, Series of Unfortunate Events: Netflix Tie-In Edition books 1-4

1. A word used to describe the Curdled Cave which means "all the creepy, scary words you can think of put together" 7. A word used to describe an object that was "roughly made at the last minute"


10. Another word for "color" 12. At Lucky Smells Lumbermill you must be assiduous and ___, two words that mean "hardworking"

11 12


13. A word which means "very, very wrong, and causing much grief," as when Justice Strauss drove away in an ___ direction

14 15


14. " Reluctant to associate with others"; a word that might describe somebody who, during a party, would stand in a corner and not talk 15. "Dizzy and excited"

17 18

17. Such a rare word for "fake" that even Klaus didn't know what it meant 19. The study of "snakes!"



20. A word that describes a phrase "used by so, so many writers that by the time Lemony Snicket uses it, it is a tiresome cliché"

DOWN 1. A word which means "killed," as in the Baudelaire parents were___ in a terrible fire. 2. "A very, very small nook just perfect for sitting and reading" 3. A word that means "filled with balloons, neon lights, and obnoxious waiters," like the Anxious Clown restaurant 4. "Tease" or "make fun of " 6. "A car which will drive you someplace for a fee" 8. "Skillful"; a word used to describe Violet's inventing skills 9. "Relieved"; made milder or less severe


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11. "A very wrong name," like the one given to the harmless Incredibly Deadly Viper 16. "A fancy word for widow" 18. "Tilted to one side"

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