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Title Teacher for Kids Under Construction Purpose To create a nurturing, fun, and interactive environment especially designed for preschoolers that is conducive to learning the truths of God’s Word so children will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Qualifications • Attend East White Oak Bible Church for at least 6 months • A Christian living a Christ honoring life • A love for preschoolers and children’s ministry, with a desire to lead them in knowing and growing in Christ • Committed to consistently abiding by the EWO Children’s Ministry policies • Ability to prepare, organize, and teach Biblical concepts in a creative yet simplified manner appropriate for the preschool level • Strong interpersonal skills to effectively interact and relate to children and adult volunteers • Available to teach a minimum of two Sundays per month, ideally rotating with a second teacher • Successful completion of the volunteer application process Term of Service One year Responsibilities • Meet regularly with the KUC Coordinator (e.g. monthly) to discuss weekly lesson activities (curriculum is already established) • Study and prepare for delivery of weekly lesson, including reviewing supplemental teaching materials such as videos, puppet scripts, relevant music, story book, etc. • Lead game rotation activity • Arrive at classroom at least 15 minutes early to ensure safety of children • Assist KUC Coordinator with room setup and cleanup • Pray for the children and other KUC staff • Establish relationships with the children • Other suggested activities may include: o Attend children’s ministry conferences, conventions, and/or seminars o Contact the children by phone or card Relationships Receive guidance from the KUC coordinator