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top tips ensuring an effective role briefing The importance of providing UBT Recruitment with a thorough role brief All about understanding your requirements, the initial discussion and role briefing are the most important steps in UBT Recruitment’s process. The more information you provide your Talent Advisor, the better the all round understanding of your ideal candidate; such as skills, culture, capabilities, experience and qualifications. A collaborative and detailed role briefing will also allow the Talent Advisor to think

“Remember, you can never have too much information about a candidate.”

about the environment they are looking to match a potential candidate to, creating a candidate attraction strategy that entices a candidate to your business. During the initial conversation with your Talent Advisor, they will be thorough; ensuring that this first conversation supports the effective search of your new employee. Your Talent Advisor will discuss and


gather your thoughts on the following details, all the while keeping in mind the variations and uniqueness of your business:

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What does the ideal candidate look like to you? This differs for each and every company so let your Talent Advisor know what you envisage your new staff member to undertake on a day-today basis. What technical skills will they need? What will their cultural and value fit be? What understanding and behaviours do they need to be successful in your role and for your company?

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Your Talent Advisor is dedicated to UBT’s Corporate and community business’s so they understand the importance of your values, and to support this even further, they will ask you to provide information on your Company values and how the successful candidate will meet these needs for you.

What is the candidate’s ideal career background? This could be in your current industry or a similar or support industry.

What are the most important duties that the employee needs to carry out? Do they need to understand a certain type of machine or technology? Is analytics a key part of their role? Do you need them to have strong customer service skills and focus?

Which type of person will fit the culture of your business? Your Talent Advisor will support you in identifying the culture and the candidate which will work best.

What makes your company different to your competitors?

UBT Recruitment Talent Advisors will also support you in identifying the right salary for your role in accordance with market expectations, benefits and career development opportunities.

By providing your UBT Recruitment Talent Advisor with detailed information, you support a stronger approach to the candidate market. This enables a critical element of any recruitment program – speed to market. Speed to engage with any candidate, especially those with niche or rare skill sets, is a high priority of the UBT Recruitment team to ensure we place the most highly skilled people into your roles before they get snapped up by another company! So, the real key to providing an effective role brief is to discuss your options with your Talent Advisor and start the recruitment process together. Only then will you and the Talent Advisor get a real idea of who you are looking for, and the skills/requirements you really need to support your business.