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WHAT IS IT? Stands for Foreign Independent Travelers or Free Independent Travelers Leisure travelers not visiting in groups, it could be an individual, a family or a group of friends.


Internationally, mostly through travel agents OTAs (Online Travel Agents) Directly through hotels

VOLUME • • • • •

Close to 500,000 room nights were reported by tour operators as booked for leisure purposes, mostly for FITs visiting Dallas. These room-nights were consumed, not projected. The average length of stay for overseas visitors is 10 nights. The average length of stay for international visitors is 4 nights. The market continues to grow.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL With the exception of OTAs who sell mostly to consumers, the distribution is like this: Receptive Operators/Hotel Consolidators sell to Tour Operators who sell to Travel Agents who sell to Final Consumers

HOW IS THE PRODUCT MARKETED? Through online displays, traditional brochures, posters, product launch events, and consumer events.

BIG BUSINESS Considering our 10 top markets, international visitors, spend an average of $114/person/day, for an average of $601/trip. (Total spend of $1.7B) Overseas visitors spend $200/person/day on average, for an average of $2100/trip. (Total spend of $1.3B) tors al visi B n o i t a Intern nd of $1.7 pe Total s rs s visito 3B a e s r e 1. Ov d of $ n e p s Total