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Welcome to Coyote Accessorial Scanning using TRANSFLO Express® Truck Stop Scanning

To Coyote Logistics Carriers and Drivers: Coyote Logistics has implemented a new, faster and free way for you to get paid when you have an accessorial. TRANSFLO Express®, from Pegasus TransTech allows you to get all of your accessorial documents easier, faster and with more certainty than in the past. You will be able to get your Signed BOL’s, Lumper Reciepts and Weight Tickets to us in a matter of minutes instead of days, and this is free to use. TRANSFLO Express® allows you to have your documents scanned at 500 truck stop locations throughout the country and get immediate confirmation that the documents have been sent. In addition, you will be able to log onto the Internet and not only view your documents, but also see exactly when they were delivered to Coyote Logistics. This process is integrated with the accessorial department helping to ensure accurate, on-time reporting and settlement.

How does it work? •

Fill out your trip sheet or manually have a representative at the fuel desk select Coyote customer code: CLLQ

Remove all staples & paper clips

Place the documents you normally mail in a neat stack behind the trip sheet

Hand the documents to the cashier at the fuel desk at any of 870 scan stations nationwide

The cashier scans your documents, prints a receipt and hands back to you immediately after scanning

You pay nothing for this service, it is FREE to use

Scan with Transflo® Express to deliver accessorial documents so you can get paid 877–6–COYOTE WWW.COYOTE.COM