Transportation Sign-Up

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Greeters and Ushers Sign-Up

2015 - 5776

In the days of the Great Temple in Jerusalem, officials were posted at the gates to welcome worshippers and help them fulfill their roles in the ancient Service. This was considered a great honor. Here, congregants take positions of honor as greeters and ushers. These leaders represent our congregation to the public. They have the pleasure of helping people make the transition from the secular world outside into the spiritual world that our synagogue provides. Many people remember their first experience in a synagogue by the greeting they receive. Our regular congregants also appreciate a smile and a warm greeting.

Rosh Hashanah

Erev, Sunday, September 13, 2015  6:00 p.m. Early Service Day One, Monday, September 14, 2015  9:00 a.m. Early Service

 8:30 p.m. Later Service  11:45 a.m. Later Service

 3:00 p.m. Family Service

Yom Kippur

Kol Nidre, Tuesday, September 22, 2015  6:00 p.m. Early Service Yom Kippur, Wednesday, September 23, 2015 9:00 a.m. Early Service

 8:30 p.m. Later Service  11:45 a.m. Later Service  3:00 p.m. Family Service  4:15 p.m. Yizkor and  4:45 p.m. Afternoon Service Community Yizkor  6:00 p.m. Neilah

I/We can’t help on the holidays, but would like to help on Shabbat: Name: Email:

Please return form to:

Phone #: 

Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, 30 West 68th Street, New York, NY 10023 Fax: 212-787-7108 | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 212-877-4050 x226

Transportation Sign-Up Transportation to High Holy Days Services

Stephen Wise Free Synagogue wants to ensure that all congregants are able to attend High Holy Days Services. If you need assistance getting to the synagogue OR if you are able to help a congregant get to synagogue (whether by car, helping to walk, or helping to get a taxi) please let us know.

Yes, Name: Email: Phone #: I Can Help! I would be happy to:  provide car transport

 help someone walk

 ride together by taxi

Yes, Name: Email: Phone #: I Would Like Assistance:   walking  riding in a car or taxi

Please return form to:

Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, 30 West 68th Street, New York, NY 10023 Fax: 212-787-7108 | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 212-877-4050 x280

Selichot Service and Program

2015 - 5776

Selichot: “Chadeish” – New Music for the New Year, with Gerard Edery Saturday, September 5, 2015, 8:00 p.m. Our evening includes Havdallah, a service of penitential prayers designed to prepare you for the High Holy Days, and a musical program you will never forget. Enjoy a concert featuring Gerard Edery. Dubbed “a master of Sephardic song” by the New York Times, Gerard Edery is one of the foremost experts in the music of the Sephardic Diaspora. Edery will perform selections of new music and new arrangements of old melodies featuring Cantor Daniel Singer. Listen to two accomplished bass-baritones accompany themselves with classical guitars in a unique and intimate flamenco-styled concert with traditional melodies. Together, they will usher in the High Holy Day season, exploring the deep spiritual essence of Selichot through gorgeous and melodic Sephardic music. RSVP [email protected] | 212-877-4050 x280 |

Yom Kippur Food Drive Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SWFS’s annual tradition is to collect food for the homeless. We are sensitive to those who fast through no choice of their own and we recognize that the food we deny ourselves on Yom Kippur is a regular occurrence for many of our fellow New Yorkers. The food we collect goes to City Harvest. Over the past 16 years, we have collected more than 25 tons of food! Be a part of this lovely tradition. On Yom Kippur Day only, please bring in: ▪ canned meats ▪ tuna   can ▪ pasta   tuna ned meats   p a s ▪ soups   soupsta   c e r e ▪ cereals a   pea ls   baby nut butter ▪ peanut butter   f &canned of od veget ruits ▪ baby food ables ▪ canned fruits and vegetables Please, no glass containers. Please consider health-conscious and low-sodium options.

I/We would like to volunteer to load the food trucks Name: Email: Phone #: