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Apr 30, 2012 - ...

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April 30, 2012 The Honorable Annise D. Parker Mayor, City of Houston 901 Bagby Street Houston, Texas 77002 Dear Mayor Parker: On behalf of the Board of Directors and Members of Tri-County Black Chamber of Commerce, TriCounty International Chamber of Commerce and the United States-Belize Chamber of Commerce, this letter is in support of Southwest Airlines' proposal to begin operating international flights at Hobby Airport. As a nonprofit we are always looking for prudent ways to reduce our operating costs, including travel costs. When it comes to air travel, one proven way to lower costs is through public policies that foster greater airline competition. As a general principle monopolies are never good for consumers because they usually lead to fewer options, poorer service, and higher prices. For over 40 years, Southwest Airlines has been the leader among U.S. airlines in providing strong and dependable low-fare competition in Houston and in other markets throughout the United States. To date, the competitive benefits provided by Southwest have been limited to domestic markets. With its proposed international expansion at Hobby Airport, Southwest would provide Houstonians and travelers connecting through Houston with low-fare travel options to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. We believe it is basic economics that greater competition among airlines will result in lower ticket prices, and lower ticket prices will lead to greater consumer demand for air traveL Inevitably, greater consumer demand means more flights, more jobs, and stronger economic growth. Clearly, especially in these economic times Southwest is offering a tremendous opportunity to the City of Houston. Houston is an "International and Multicultural Hub;" and the international expansion at Hobby Airport and proposal by Southwest Airlines demonstrates Houston's position as an International City. For these reasons, we agree with the Houston Airport System that Southwest's international expansion at Hobby Airport would provide strong competitive and economic benefits to Houstonians. We respectfully request that your Administration move forward with the facilitation of international flights at Hobby Airport.


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~ompson President & CEO


Members, Houston City Council Southwest Airlines