The purpose of this Branding Guide is to support our marketing and communication goals with an entire suite of resources and tools, from photography a...

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The purpose of this Branding Guide is to support our

It overviews everything we do, how we portray our

marketing and communication goals with an entire suite

company internally and how we communicate about our

of resources and tools, from photography and writing

company externally. Above all else, becoming familiar

guidelines, to logos, colors, the tagline, and more. It has

with Adelhard Fuchs’ brand will help to inform all of

been created to portray a consistent image that will give

our communication decisions, and will be essential for

Adelhard Fuchs a uniform corporate identity, greater

developing authentic, distinctive materials that resonate

visibility, and more powerful marketing possibilities.

with our target audience.



BRAND POSITION Where our brand is perceived in the mind of the target audience relative to their preferences, the competition, and prevailing marketplace conditions are key to a successful brand. In this chapter our brand position will take shape.


Creating a Brand Position.............................................................................. 9

Adelhard Fuchs’s identity, or “brand”, is a sum of many parts. One key

Our Tagline....................................................................................................13

factor is the organization’s identifier (the brand “Adelhard Fuchs”) and how it is used. Another is the format, or “look”, of communications and information materials, such as correspondence, publications, and advertising. Consistency is essential to maintaining an identity; thereby enhancing the overall image of the organization. This is particularly true

Brand Position Statements............................................................................ 11


manner (how we say it), and writing tips to maximize impact.

sense of mission and community and also relay to our external audiences that we are a well-run and integrated organization.

Brand Persona............................................................................................... 17 Key Words...................................................................................................... 19

This manual is not expected to be an overnight change; however, we

more consistently the brand is applied, the more value it conveys to all our current and potential customers. The Creative Bar hopes that the guidelines will prove useful and convenient to use; we believe that they

means of recognizing our brand. The personality should be captured in the on the written components, including key words (what we say), tone and

globe. A cohesive brand is an important tool with which we can foster our

so that we can signal a reinvigorated and updated organization. The

allows the audience (customers, peers, investors, board members) another words we use in all our marketing for Adelhard Fuchs. This chapter focuses

for an organization such as ours with widespread members around the

would urge everyone to adopt the new guidelines as soon as is practical,

BRAND PERSONALITY Capturing Adelhard Fuchs personality in our marketing communications

Tone and Manner..........................................................................................20


will help Adelhard Fuchs to create the best possible communications.

C O M M U N I C AT I O N S T Y L E Our identity is not just a logo. It is a design scheme composed of a number of core elements (imagery and graphic treatments) that come together to create a distinctive look and feel that makes the Adelhard Fuchs brand instantly recognizable. This chapter will guide you through the core elements, assisting you in designing and producing compelling communications.

Sincerely, Justin Lawler – Creative Director


The Creative Bar

Fonts............................................................................................................33 Picture Style................................................................................................ 34


RESOURCE CENTER Frequently Asked Questions......................................................................36

Brand Identity



Encapsulated in every Adelhard Fuchs piece is a story, a

The focus of our brand is not just on the watches themselves,

heritage that defines the very spirit of our brand itself. This

but on the inspiration behind them, the price at which

identity is not simply for those belonging to the company,

we make them attainable, and the unique experience we

but is a piece of history offered to those who wish to aspire

provide to each consumer. Powered by imagination, we are

to it. We offer watch enthusiasts the opportunity to own

continually seeking to discover new technologies and refine

pieces with never-before-seen innovation, beautifully crafted

the industry, all while keeping every encounter with our

details, and one of a kind character.

brand a personal one.


C reatin g a brand position Shaping the perception, or position of our brand is up to all of us. The first step is identifying what perception we wish to create for our company. Step two is to determine how each touch point, with people outside Adelhard Fuchs, should help contribute to the desired perception – a central reason that this guide was created. Our brand position must be delivered with authenticity. Merely claiming a position does not make it real in the mind of the audience. It must be grounded in truth, believable and

All successful companies have

desirable. To differentiate from other brands, our position must be unique. Finally, our

a strong foundation of who they are and who they want to

position must be flexible enough to be applied in different ways across various platforms.

be as a company. Implementing a brand position will help

We feel the Adelhard Fuchs documented brand position has met this criteria.


the public get a sense for this foundation.


our brand position Adelhard Fuchs offers luxury watches that are distinct in both character and innovation. Inspired by its originator’s rich German heritage, each Adelhard Fuchs timepiece captures a story that is as genuine and unique as its precision machined components and handassembled designs. Unlike its competitors, Adelhard Fuchs provides watches that are obtainable for aspiring watch enthusiasts worldwide, while remaining prestigious, personal, and steeped in history.

must hav e chec k list • Must communicate to consumers brand attributes in order of importance (German heritage, precision machined, hand-crafted) • Must maintain the persona of storyteller, weaving intricate details into all communications • Must create notable brand distinctions (hand-assembled, German heritage, precision-machined components) • Must present prestigious value in order to justify price point



Taglines are increasingly important as a means to carry our brand identity where our logo can’t go, like our e-mail messages, text ads, voicemail greetings, and other non-visual communication channels. In those environments, our tagline becomes the single transmitter of our business’ brand position.

our ta g line :

an invitation to le g acy … creatin g a ta g line

S uccessfully accomplishes

Our tagline is a phrase that accompanies our brand name to quickly translate

• Reflects the brand’s character, promise, and personality

our positioning and brand identity statements into a single line that means

• Expresses our brand position simply and publicly

something to consumers. Our tagline is meant to provide consumers with an indication of our brand and its market position in just a few memorable words. It encapsulates our commitment to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of our customers in order to deliver innovative products that are perceived as a need rather than a want.


• Emphasizes the significance of the brand’s history • Offers an opportunity to the consumer to actively participate in the continuation of the brand story • Adds to the meaning of the brand without repeating any of the same words or concepts


Brand Personality


Capturing Adelhard Fuchs’ personality in our marketing communications allows the audience (customers, dealers, distributors, media, competitors) another means of recognizing our brand. The persona of our products and our service should be captured in the words, imagery and graphic treatments we use in all our marketing for Adelhard Fuchs. This chapter focuses on the written components, including

Just as individuals act in such a way that they want to

key words (what we say), tone and manner (how we say it), and writing tips to

be perceived, companies need to work together to

maximize impact.


give off a specific persona.


our brand persona As a unique and inventive watch manufacturer, Adelhard Fuchs

member of the Fuchs family. It is these characteristics, along with its

offers luxury watches to aspiring collectors—enthusiasts who

cutting edge design that makes each watch prestigious and covetable.

appreciate premium timepieces but do not necessarily collect them.

Adelhard Fuchs prides itself on offering these exceptional and

Each model line is inspired by a timeless story from its originator’s

personal products, all at an obtainable price for those who recognize

German history, hand-assembled, and personally stamped by a

the value of continuing the legacy.

persona k ey differentiations • Caters to watch enthusiasts before collectors • Each piece has a unique back-story • Every watch is precision-machined and hand-crafted • Provides luxury products at an obtainable price

D eli v erin g O ur P ersona When writing our respective marketing communications, consider the commonalities between the inspiration behind the watch, and the personality of the consumer.

• Which traits exhibited by Adelhard Fuchs, both the man and the company, might the consumer aspire to subscribe?


• How can Adelhard Fuchs creatively invoke the consumer to accept the invitation to legacy?


Using consistent key words when explaining our brand is an excellent way to deliver a memorable message clearly and effectively.

k ey w ords When we write about our personality, we are writing about what makes us unique. What sets us apart? What are our unique traits and characteristics? What do we want our target audience — aspiring watch collectors — to know about our product as a whole? Simply stating our tagline, “An Invitation to Legacy ” is only part of the process. As previously discussed in Chapter 1, the claim we make must be authentic, believable and desirable. That is where the words surrounding and leading up to the tagline come into play. Our brand positioning statement is a great resource when considering which words to use to express our organization in writing. The words comprising the statement have been carefully selected — they reflect the personality of Adelhard Fuchs by representing attributes common to the product.

Adelhard Fuchs offers luxury watches that are distinct in both character and innovation. Inspired by Adelhard’s rich German heritage, each Adelhard Fuchs timepiece captures a story that is as genuine and unique as its precisionmachined components and hand-assembled designs. Unlike its competitors, Adelhard Fuchs provides watches that are obtainable for watch enthusiasts worldwide, while remaining prestigious, personal, and steeped in history.

Key W ord definitions W H AT S H O U L D C O N S U M E R s TA K E A W AY FROM THE ADELHARD FUCHS MESSAGE? Luxury Character

Luxury- a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity Character- the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing History- a past notable for its important, unusual, or interesting events


Hand-Assembled- to bring together or gather into one place, company, body, or whole by a person rather than machine


Innovative- using or showing new methods, ideas, etc.

Innovative Obtainable Watch Enthusiasts

Obtainable- possible to come into possession of; get, acquire, or procure, as through an effort or by a request


Watch Enthusiasts- a person who is filled with or motivated by enthusiasm for watches but does not necessarily collect them


Prestigious- distinguished, respected, illustrious, noble Heritage- anything that has been transmitted from the past or handed down by tradition



T one and m anner If Adelhard Fuchs truly offers a historic product with a personal touch, specifically for aspiring watch collectors, our message should consistently maintain the essence of the storyline, while also educating enthusiasts about the quality of our watches. Incorrect: Adelhard Fuchs is a great new up-and-coming company to consider for your next purchase. Correct: Adelhard Fuchs offers premium hand-assembled timepieces that are steeped in history, but also cutting-edge in technology.

sa m ple story Adelhard Fuchs knew that what set one apart from the crowd was an exceptional personal

Incorrect: This watch features a mechanical movement and is not production cast.

taste. In a sea of Buicks and Fords, he imported an early model Karmann Ghia—his pride and joy. As an engineer, he supervised every detail in its conversion to the American standard, and

Correct: Adelhard Fuchs emphasizes the art of the craftsmanship in the design of each

in turn, he maintained it meticulously. He didn’t need it, but he wanted it, and he showcased

watch, so this highly refined timepiece is precision-machined from solid alloy, and to

this distinct representation of his personality on his daily commute in the city, and on road

maintain authenticity, requires that you wind the mechanical movement by hand.

trips across the country where he marked and notated each leg of his journey on maps as a personal journal of his travels. He understood the desire to exhibit one’s individuality and

tips w h en w ritin g

he displayed his unique appreciation for intricate craftsmanship, thus inspiring Adelhard Fuchs timepieces—a hand-crafted token full of history and character.

It is important not to stray from the Adelhard Fuchs story or character to remain memorable. Emphasize the history of Adelhard Fuchs, the person, rather than the brand.

Each Adelhard Fuchs timepiece is inspired by the real-life events of its founder. The above

Provide education in order to connect with watch enthusiasts who do not yet have the

is an example of how to illustrate these stories in the tone and manner best suited for the

knowledge of a seasoned collector.

Adelhard Fuchs brand.



who A delhard F uchs is Maverick


The Maverick is an independent thinker. Defined by a “don’t fence me in” mentality,

The Adventurer is in constant motion, thriving on the unknown and seeking the thrill

the Maverick rejects labels, boxes, or any other constraining idea. Characterized

of pushing past limitation. Highly focused, organized and daring, this archetype

as smart, creative, unconventional, and full of piss and vinegar, the Maverick has

relies on being quick-witted. The Adventurer’s quest for meaning is characterized by

moxie and nerve. With tenacious courage and relentless aggression, this archetype

bold, dynamic, adrenaline-charged challenges. Ultimately, this archetype is after the

will do, think, and feel things that do not reflect conventional wisdom. The Maverick

thrill of simply being alive in the world and the development of a perspective gained

is motivated to protect freedom and willing to employ disruptive tactics to effect

by the accumulation of real-world experiences.


W H at A delhard F uchs does Sovereign


Possessing an aura of organization and order, The Sovereign is a model of proper

The Innovator thrives on change and would rather ask “Why Not?” than “Why?”

behavior while exuding an untouchable quality of privilege and royalty. Under

Taking wild and frequent risks, the Innovator makes unexpected connections that

constant public scrutiny, the Sovereign is controlled, watchful, measured and

shift the status quo. This archetype has a high tolerance for ambiguity and follows a

cautions with words and deeds. Connected with tradition and status, the Sovereign is

path with no guarantees. The Innovator is willing to experiment and is known as an

an archetype of dignity, benevolence and serenity. This archetype is often combined

opportunity hunter. With head in the clouds and feet on the ground, the Innovator

with others, such as the Sage, Seeker, Warrior or Lover to increase the specificity of

is characterized by rigorous research, willpower and imagination. The Innovator is a

the Sovereign’s style and perspectives. 

trend spotter, able to smell high-potential concepts a mile away.

A rc h etype


People have personalities. Brands have personalities. If you want to do good

how adelhard fuchs does it

business by building a successful brand, you must be skillful about matching your market with your brand. As both a face and a function, archetypes reveal how a brand shows up in the world, how it is motivated and what triggers it. Very simply, archetypes can facilitate the understanding of a brand, and

Archetypes help guide brands in telling their story within their

identify why it attracts certain customers. You then attract those customers

industry and within society. Archetypes also help create the

when your brand is congruent with an archetype that is either dominant or

personality of the brand. This personality will be something people

emerging in their consciousness.

can relate to and see value in as they get to know the company.



Possessing an undying belief in the quality of the shared love experience, the

The Storyteller connects people to the shared human experience with stories that

Romantic is driven toward a life full of intensity of emotions. Inherent in the

can unleash powerful emotions, build credibility, and allow for difficult topics to be

Romantic is infatuation with sensual beauty and experience. A sense of oneness and

explored. Using this gift to relay information and knowledge, the Storyteller passes

completeness—a transformation of the soul–are found within love relationships.

along history and insight, often with a bit of drama to make a point or add clarity. In

This archetype is fun to be with, charming, charismatic, sociable and friendly. 

many ways, the Storyteller is the living bridge between the conscious world and the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious. This archetype makes the cover overt, the metaphorical applicable, the separate integrated. 



Communication Style


HOW WE SHOW IT Our identity is not just a logo. It is a design scheme composed of a number of core elements (imagery and graphic treatments) that come together to create a distinctive look and feel that makes the Adelhard Fuchs brand instantly recognizable. This chapter will guide you through the core elements, assisting you in a designing and producing compelling communications.



full color The preferred Adelhard Fuchs logo is the full color version combining the specified colors. Different media and printing specifcations require different interpretations of the logo type colors. The pantone, 4-color, and websafe RGB equivalents are listed beneath each color.

our lo g o




C 3

C 5

C 0

M 16

M 98

M 0

Y 100

Y 100

Y 0

K 0

K 5

K 100

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB




icon shown

As a company founded by and named after a German craftsman, our logo is strongly reminiscent of its country of origin. The icon is strong to symbolize Adelhard Fuchs’ ability to stand out in a sea of companies who are all strikingly similar in history and design. The logo lends to imagery symbolic of Germany, where the Adelhard Fuchs story began, and where our timepieces are conceived today. We utilize a simple and classic font style then to maintain the class and elegance that comes with any Adelhard Fuchs product. Ultimately, our logo and corporate identity reflect the character of our founder—strong yet refined and recognizant of the importance of history and handcrafting.



BLACK = 100% BLACK •

RED = CYAN 5% / MAGENTA 98% / YELLOW 100% / BLACK .5%

YELLOW = CYAN .3% / MAGENTA 16% / YELLOW 100% / BLACK 0%


for print

color flat When the occasion calls for a vector flat version, the option to the


left may be used. These colors do not contain any gradients and would be ideal for screen printing or embroidery.


for web


one color blac k When the occasion calls for a black and white application, such as a newspaper ad or faxable stationery, the option to the left may be used. Avoid grayscale interpretations.



minimum si z e

clear space

To ensure proper legibility of the logo, please adhere to the

To ensure legibility, recognition, and to prevent any obstruction

above minimum size requirements. To ensure the best possible

of the logo mark, a protected area is preserved around the

reproduction and legibility on the web, the logo should never be

logo. This clearance area should be no less than the height of

reduced smaller than the size shown above.

“ADELHARD FUCHS” as indicated in the diagram above.


do nots Please adhere to the following logo guideline when using the Adelhard Fuchs logo in application. For examples of correct logo usage, please refer to application example on the next page.


• Do not skew or alter the logo to fit into

• Do not, under ANY circumstances, use

• The flag must be used in full color or

spaces. Always size proportionately

any other color than the approved colors

removed all together

• Do not place the logo on a color field that is

• Do not stylize the logo: embossing, adding

• Do not place additional text on the

the same shade as any part of the logo

drop shadows, glows etc is not permitted

logo or within the clear space (indicated on previous page)

application The above sample application demonstrates how the visual elements presented in this logo can work together to create a distinct and memorable presentation for the Adelhard Fuchs logo. Consider this sample as simply that—a sample—to guide creative efforts and streamline development of our marketing.


F onts Type is important because it helps convey the mood and personality of the brand. The typography chosen for Adelhard Fuchs is based on the characteristics of the brand and its audience. The combination of serif and sans serif fonts allow the Adelhard Fuch’s look to showcase innovation and forward-thinking while maintaining credibility and professionalism.

identity Palette

primary Palette B as k er v ille O ld Face Use for headlines and various marketing pieces (all caps) Display font: Size: 50pt Tracking: 107 Color: #B88C2F

pantone 109

C 3 M 16 Y 100 K 0

pantone 485

C 5 M 98 Y 100 K 5


pantone 7556c

C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 100

C 27 M 42 Y 100 K 5

pantone 424c

C 61 M 50 Y 45 K 15



C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 0

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB

Web-safe RGB







av enir ( blac k ) Use as a subheader (all caps version) Size: 12pt Tracking: 130 Color: #686C71

Av enir ( li g ht )

C olor Palette

For callouts As its German heritage is Adelhard Fuchs’ most distinct

The identity palette, used for the brand’s

The primary palette is to be utilized for

Size: 7pt

characteristic amongst its competition, its identity palette pays

logo and other corporate identity, features

marketing collateral and the products

Leading (line space): 15pt

homage to the colors of Germany, while its primary palette

the official colors of the German flag, and

themselves. These neutral tones exude

Color: #B88C2F

accentuates its timeless and historical feel.

the three of which should always be used

elegance and history while remaining

together to symbolize such.

subtle enough to accommodate the bright colors of the identity palette.

Display font:

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Display font:

g eor g ia For all body copy Size: 9pt Leading (line space): 15pt



abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890


ori g inal photo

photo with appro v ed photo treatment

main photo g raphy style As each Adelhard Fuchs timepiece tells a story, so should our photos. If our German roots and personalized touch are the selling point of our brand, this should be communicated visually wherever possible. Each photo is presented in black and white or sepia tones to reference its past and, should it contain a person, must depict a single man in a location reminiscent of Germany, positioned in such a way that his identity remains ambiguous. This allows the photos to pay homage to Adelhard Fuchs himself while also allowing a potential consumer to picture himself amongst his adventures. Other images may portray Adelhard Fuchs timepieces, machinery, or lend to its founder’s inspirations of aviation, automobile and seafaring. These photos should be macro-shots focusing on specific components or elements of an object, rather than the object in its entirety. This will give a personalized and yet mysterious feel to the Adelhard Fuchs story.



RESOURCE CENTER Who should use this guide? This guide is intended for all Adelhard Fuchs employees and their creative vendors, especially those businesses marketing the organization. Where can I get electronic artwork of the Adelhard Fuchs logo? The Adelhard Fuchs logo and tagline artwork can be emailed to you by Adelhard Fuchs. Please contact Adelhard Fuchs at [email protected]

Resource Center

Can I use the Adelhard Fuchs logo without their permission? Yes, although any application of the Adelhard Fuchs logo should follow the graphic standards set forth in this guide. Adelhard Fuchs asks you to carefully consider how you intend to use the logo — does it reinforce the organization’s brand position? Consult with Adelhard Fuchs if you have questions about the appropriateness of your planned logo application.

an invitation to le g acy . . .

Are there time constraints on using the graphic standards? No. Applying these graphic standards in a consistent manner over time will help develop a recognizable brand for the organization. Can I use the brand positioning statement as copy in my marketing materials? Using the brand positioning statement copy (or portion thereof) is not recommended. The statement was written for an internal audience of the Adelhard Fuchs organization members and marketers. Where can I get the photography and other elements used in the brand standards guide? Some items in this guide can be provided by the Adelhard Fuchs organization. Others might require purchase from a third party. Contact the Adelhard Fuchs marketing department for more details. Your Adelhard Fuchs contact If you have questions about this guide or would like to request a copy (printed or PDF versions available), please contact the Adelhard Fuchs marketing department at [email protected]