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V2 Cigs Is The Top Rated, Best-Selling, Electronic Cigarette Brand Online. > What does this top-rated, best-selling ECIG have to offer that the other guys don’t have?


Quite A LOT Actually.

V2 Cigs Classic! V2 Cigs EX +
 V2 Cigs PRO Vaporizers > Most advanced e-cig + vaporizer technology
 > Provides superior performance and
 unparalleled user satisfaction.

V2 Quality > V2 e-cigs are made to a higher standard
 than any other e-cigarette brand. > Exceptional quality control at all levels of 
 manufacturing, distribution & shipping

V2 Customer Service > Reliable and Dedicated USA-Based Customer Support. > Best-In-Class Products backed by Lifetime Warranty.

V2 Safety Assurance > Each batch of e-liquid is tested. > Results of batch tests for every " consumable product with easy
 instant lookup online.

V2 Guarantee > Complete 30-Day Refund available on all
 Starter Kits & Hardware. [ V2 Cigs Doesn’t Disappoint, But Have You
 Covered Just In Case ]

V2 Satisfaction > All the ADVANTAGES of an 
 Electronic Vapor Cigarette. > All the SATISFACTION of
 Traditional Cigarettes + more.

V2 CIGS > Established in Summer 2009 > Leading the Global Online Retail E-Cigarette Industry since July 2011 > Over 6 Million Visit V2CIGS.COM Website Every Month > Physical Stores Carrying V2 Cigs approx. 30,000 in America > 30,000 People Try V2 for the First Time Every Month > 3 out of 4 Customers Order 3 Times or More > Over 125 Employees Globally

V2 Cigs Stands Out As The E-Cig / Vaporizer of Choice

> The Reasons People Choose V2 Are Many > Here Are Some of The Most Common…

V2 Cigs Cares About
 their Customers. BIG TIME. NO ONE ELSE: > Tests all e-liquids. > Labels products with expiration dates > Has two levels of quality control. + offers lifetime warranties.

V2 Cigs Is A Leader In The Industry > Parent company VMR Products is one of the
 largest electronic cigarette company in the world. VMR is the only vertically integrated*
 E-cigarette maker in the industry" [ * this is V2’s secret sauce with product innovation, R&D,
 new e-cigarette and Vaping improvements, constantly pushing
 the smokeless experience envelope for users worldwide ]

V2 Cigs has been revolutionizing the e-cig industry since its inception. No other company has the worldwide reach that V2 does. > The V2 Cigs flagship brand-name is joined by other innovative VMR brands to offer ideal product offerings for each customer. > Primary examples are: Vapor Couture, ZigZag ECIGs and soon to launch ZigZag Vaporizers - along with the V2 Cigs Pro Vaporizer Line.

V2 Cigs are available in all parts
 of the world besides Antarctica! > Every (other) continent has a growing user base of happy, smokeless vapor enthusiasts who have chosen V2 Cigs
 as the brand they turn to daily.

V2 Cigs is expanding everywhere
 it does business – both in the Americas and abroad. > V2 has already developed a loyal consumer base in the US, and it is quickly becoming the brand of choice in markets that are just discovering e-cigs.

Nobody else
 can offer what
 V2CIGS can 
 for Vapers. There's a good reason that V2 Cigs lead the industry
 in the USA and is on track to do so everywhere else.

Every Step In The V2 CIGS Process! 

Keeps V2 CIGS At The Forefront of Today’s Cutting Edge of Vaping Tech
 Result = Users Enjoy Vaping Satisfaction & Pro Service
 over 75% of ALL Customers Return for At LEAST 2 MORE Purchases!

> From the reliability of V2 products and the satisfying, signature Vapor to best-in-industry quality control & customer service the company has all bases covered. > The thrill of opening a new V2 vaping starter kit it becomes clear that the team behind these products have passion and pride in what they are doing and what they are bringing to the marketplace.

Smokers all around the world ! are learning that there is a better option than traditional cigarettes. > Never Resting on past success, V2 under the V2 PRO name has just launched a line of sophisticated portable vaporizers & vape pens which promise to be as huge a success as they have been to date. > The V2 EX line ends any debate about it

> As they discover the world of electronic cigarettes, they quickly find that V2 Cigs offers none other than the best of the best ‘mini’ aka ‘CIGALIKE’ product

V2 Cigs has Changed Smokers Lives Everywhere, 
 by Defining The New ‘Standard’ To Beat In Vaping > V2 Cigs offers an all-around superior product with all of the enjoyment and few of the disadvantages of traditional cigarettes. > You don't have to give up the smoking experience to give up cigarettes.

Let’s Take a look at V2 E-Cig. > V2 Cigs Starter Kits are the perfect way to
 dive into the world of electronic cigarettes. > Kits can be customized to suit your preferences. > There is a wide variety of e-cigarette
 styles and vapor flavors. > No other e-cigarette is as simple or as good as V2CIGS

Let's get started! ! It Couldn't Be Simpler:

#1- Pick a Starter Kit > Starter Kits have everything you need to begin enjoying electronic cigarettes.

V2 Kits > V2 offers a variety of starter kits to fit any tastes and budget. > Whichever one you choose, from the inexpensive Beginner Kit to the jam-packed Ultimate Starter Kit; it's fun and simple to get started vaping. > Each kit includes a manual to show you exactly how everything works. > Consider going with V2 EX (currently optional upgrade), the EX Carts, Batteries + Clearomizers are a huge advancement!

Make It Your Own > V2 Cigs kits are highly customizable and allow
 you to choose exactly the type of products you want. > You get choices in everything – from the design
 of the e-cig battery to the flavor and amount of
 nicotine in the e-liquid. > Mix and match to your heart's desire!

Choose V2 ECig ! Accessories > There are a number of accessories to help make your electronic cigarette experience as enjoyable and convenient as it can be. > V2 offers many different chargers, cases,
 lanyards, and more.

Buy the BEST ECIGS! - Just Pay A Lot Less! • Coupons For V2Cigs.com provide the best prices available on
 the best electronic cigarettes that money can buy. • We have frequently updated coupon codes available to our
 readers - with monthly special offers and daily deals. • You can also enter the code EVAPE15 at checkout. • Always enjoy an awesome 15% or more off any Starter Kit 
 (whether one basic, or 10 Ultimate, No Limits)

TRY IT OUT! • V2 Cigs has the BEST Customer Service &
 the BEST products. period. • If you aren't satisfied, V2 have a
 30-day return policy. • V2 Electric Parts are under warranty for life. • Nobody else in the industry offers that.

V2 Vaping ! Flavors = 
 Sensational • V2 offers 12 main different flavors of e-liquids" (plus a rotating range of others in limited editions).

It’s Your Pick! V2 Is All About Options, Flavors Is But
 One Area You Can Customize All You Like • • • •

You can choose blends like traditional cigarettes (3 faves on offer)" Multiple Menthols - all time fave menthol, petter mint, even Mint Tea!" One Traditional V2 Refill Cart = roughly equivalent to a traditional pack" The Superior New V2 Cigs EX Cartomizer TANKS provide incredible,
 clean-tasting vapor and lasts 2X longer! Almost 2 packs!

The Perfect Strength Satisfying Cravings Can Require Just The Right Nicotine Strength, Especially For Heavy Smokers Starting The Switch To Vapor

• Every flavor is available in five different NIC strengths. • Carts & E-Liquid In your choice of 24mg (NEW)
 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and a Nicotine-FREE 0mg option. • V2 e-cigs are fully customizable... 
 choose your style, your flavor, your nicotine level, 
 and save thousands of dollars over cigarettes!

V2 Is Loved By
 ‘the CRITICS’ Excerpts From Our Own Reviews
 + Other Experienced E-Cigarette Reviewers Opinions About V2 Cigs

With V2 you get the best bang for your buck… “You can ask anyone that's tried V2 Cigs and they'll tell you that it's the brand above all the rest. With V2 you get the best bang for your buck. Check it out, they're really setting the standard for e-cigarettes out there.”

For 5 Years V2 Cigs Has Been Our Top Pick… “For 5 years V2 Cigs has been our top pick in our ‘Best Electronic Cigarette Roundup’ because their customer service is top notch, they have a lifetime warranty, and the offer a solid and reliable electronic cigarette that brings to the table a great vaping experience.”

(V2 Cigs) Wins Hands Down Over Anything Else I’ve Seen… “V2 Cigs' V2 Ultimate Kit is an amazing starter kit and wins hands down over anything else I've seen. I love V2 Cigs, they just pump out some of the best stuff so they're my brand of choice.”

V2 Cigs Stands Out… Always Coming Out With Something New, Year After Year “There are so many electronic cigarettes out there, so how do you choose?
 V2 Cigs stands out from the rest because of their innovative products." They never stand still and are always coming out with something new,
 year after year.”

Considers Customer Support Their Top Priority…. “V2 Cigs considers customer service their top priority, so they stand behind their product 100%. You can get a variety of really great flavors that makes V2 e-cigs stand out in the crowd compared to all the other e-cigarette products out there.”

V2 Is Loved By ‘V2 USERS’ Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials From Loyal V2 CIGS Customers

I absolutely Love the fact that now I am able to smoke once again almost anywhere anytime! I am much more aware of how it affects other people especially my family & their health. I have to be honest though I did start with the V2 ECig's not with intention of quitting smoking but to have the right to smoke whenever I choose. " "

I am very thankful to V2 Cigs and have also passed on this great opportunity to others that would never have thought of using ECigarettes ever if they had not tried mine first! " "


I love vapin'! no joke! i used to 
 smoke 2 packs a day
 (at least!) and now...voila...none! " luv the v2 - really reliable…! and man do they produce a 
 lotta vape! : )! "

" "

-PH! "

I absolutely love V2 Cigs! I love the Sahara flavor!" 

This flavor is almost identical to the camel cigarettes that i USED
 to smoke. V2 Cig smoke is differs from all other brands, because
 their smoke is much thicker and more flavorful then their competitors." "

I would highly recommend anyone who is trying to quit smoking to give the V2 cigs a try. " 2 thumbs up! Keep doing what you’re doing V2 Cigs. " "


I CAN BREATH AGAIN! After 31 years of smoking and endless times of trying to
 quit, I have achieved a lifetime goal... QUIT SMOKING! 
 Nothing else worked, but with the V2 Cig I have done it,
 I am smoke free for 8 months now, and have no desire to smoke again.
 This product works, taste, and feels just like I am smoking, with no oders,
 ash or burns on my clothes or on the furniture." "


I am a loyal fan of V-2 cigs. I got them as a gift from my daughter on Mother's Day in 2012." I had tried other e-cig's, but none had given me satisfaction." "

The staff is TREMENDOUSLY courteous,
 helpful and professional in answering 
 question's and placing orders." "

I am in LOVE with the new chocolate flavor, 
 it actually satisfies my sweet tooth !!!" Thank-You all for your wonderful product." "

-Ann R."

“ “

The “RED" flavor is so satisfing, taste like my “old" favorite
 real cigarette,Try the "Sahara"too, mild nice smooth taste.
 Do yourself and loved ones a tremendous favor and try
 V2 Cigs. You've tried everything else,
 so go ahead give it a try…" "

You have nothing to lose... !

but your BAD habit. -anon"

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