Wedding Reservation Request Form

Wedding Reservation Request Form -

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1401  Kirk  Rd   Little  Rock,  AR  72223  

501-­‐224-­‐7171   501-­‐225-­‐2503  (fax)  

Wedding  Reservation  Request  Form   Bride______________________________________  


Address____________________________________             Address____________________________________   ____________________________________   Home  Phone_______________________________        

_____________________________________   Home  Phone________________________________  

Cell  Phone_________________________________             Cell  Phone__________________________________   E-­‐mail_____________________________________    


Parents____________________________________             Parents_____________________________________   Bride  and/or  parents  have  attended  FBC  ______yrs.                Groom  and/or  parents  have  attended  FBC  _____yrs.   DGroup  Leader___________________________                              DGroup  Leader____________________________   WEDDING  CEREMONY          –          We  expect  _____________  guests  to  attend  the  wedding.   We  would  like  to  be  married  in  The  Chapel:     (Fees  include  $400  for  Wedding  Coordinator  &  $200  for  Audio/Visual  Technician)   1st  choice:  

Date_________________________________,  Time____________________  

2nd  choice:  

Date_________________________________,  Time____________________  

REHEARSAL    We  would  like  to  reserve  the  Chapel:  Date______________  Time________   RECEPTION:  We  expect  approximately  ___________  guests  to  attend  and  would  like  to  reserve:   ¨ The  Warehouse  ($300  facility  fee)  +  ($100  for  Wedding  Coordinator)  +  ($50  for  AV  Technician)   ¨ North  Plaza  ($150    facility  fee)  +  ($100  for  Wedding  Coordinator)  +  ($50  for  AV  Technician)   ¨ We  plan  to  use  the  following  off-­‐site  facility  for  our  reception:  ____________________________   MINISTER:    We  have  asked/plan  to  ask  _____________________________to  officiate.  

Note:  We  understand  that  once  confirmed  by  the  Director  of  Weddings,  this  reservation  will  be  secured  on   the  Fellowship  calendar  pending  beginning  the  Fellowship’s  Premarital  Process.  We  understand  that  in  the   event  we  abandon  our  Purity  Covenant  or  fail  to  complete  the  premarital  process,  we  will  relinquish  the   privilege  to  be  married  at  Fellowship  Bible  Church.    In  addition,  we  recognize  that  we  will  be  liable  for  any   damages  which  might  occur  to  the  building  and/or  furnishings  of  FBC  during  the  time  of  occupation  by  our   wedding  party  and  those  associated  with  it.   _________________________________________            ________________________________________              (Bride’s  Signature)                          (Groom’s  Signature)   Date____________________                                      Date_______________________   Please  return  to  Gina  Brown  at  the  FBC  office  or  [email protected] For  Director  of  Weddings:   Couple  Checkup  Completed  _______________________              Information  Release  Form    _________________   Mentor  Couple    ______________________________            Purity  Covenant  ________________________