Week 2 - Love One Another

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Now What? Life After the Cross - Life Group Curriculum Week 2 – Commissioned to Love one another Last week in our closing prayer we referenced: Matthew 5:16 – “let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” This week how about we step out to demonstrate what loving one another looks like. Here are a few recommendations on community projects or opportunities to demonstrate love, not just talk about love. Consider doing this as Life Group project. • Show up to a Laundromat and offer to pay for people’s laundry. • Go out to dinner as a group, identify a family or two at the restaurant and pay for their meal. • Show up to a skate park with some Krispy Crème donuts, smoothies from Jamba Juice… • Identify a home in your Life Group neighborhood that might need some yard work or light maintenance. • Target a gas station and offer to gas up people’s cars. • Target a grocery store and pay for someone’s groceries. • Identify a homeless community and give as you feel led to give. (We should not only do this around Thanksgiving or holidays…) • Identify a family in need – make dinner for them. • Identify an organization in our city you can partner with and as a Life Group offer volunteer time, service or resourcing. These are just a few suggestions: As a group pray about what God might be leading you to. The idea is to be intentional in living out LOVE. Do something that’s not directly benefiting you or yours.