What does it mean to be a Congregational Christian?

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Questions for reflection or small group discussion

What does it mean to be a Congregational Christian? Matthew 16.13-16; Acts 2.42-48; Colossians 1.18

Every Christian tradition has some distinctive. What tradition do you come from and what is its historic contribution?

How is this a question of the second rank?

How have we allowed our distinctives to separate us?

How does the unity that Christ calls us to in John 17 relate to our diversity of Christian traditions?



Faith: The p_______________ of the believer:

We are members by v__________ a__________



The Context

What does voluntary association mean? Can you define Christian conversion?


The Scripture: Matthew 16.13-16; 1Peter 2.9

Who do you say Jesus is? How are we a "royal priesthood"?

Have you made a personal and voluntary association with Jesus as your Savior/Lord and the Christian Church?

What do we mean by the church is local?

When we repeat the Apostle's Creed and say "holy catholic Church" what are we confessing to believe?

How do you practice "the local church"?

All Christian traditions would say they confess "Jesus to be the Head of the Church". How do Congregationalists practice this with distinctiveness?

What are the strengths of this distinctive?

We are a C_____________ and seek consensus

What are the weaknesses of this distinctive?


The Context

What might be a "gift" of the congregational tradition to the larger church of Jesus Christ?


The Scripture: Colossians 1.18

Fellowship: The Church is l_____________:

We are c__________ and e____________ A.



The Context

The Scripture: Acts 2.42-48

Freedom: J________ is the H_______ of the Church: