What's Right in Health Care

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What’s Right in Health Care® Rich Bluni, RN

Sometimes You Get Sand in Your Shoe…

Rich Bluni, RN, LHRM Studer Group International Speaker Author of: Inspired Nurse

Sand In Your Shoe…

• Grudge Less. Forgive More • Going It Alone…

Grudge Less. Forgive More. • “Holding” a Grudge:

Can’t Hold onto a Grudge and Inspiration at the same time. • Poison vs. Diamonds • Forgiving Doesn’t Always Mean Forgetting.

Grudge Less. Forgive More • Ignore. (???) **Then also try ignoring chest pain, arterial bleeding, fire alarms and that guy running towards you carrying a machete and wearing a hockey mask… • Resolve Externally Address it directly with the other person. Not always an option. • Resolve Internally This is what it comes down to anyway. It is for YOU.

Going It Alone…

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In The Arms of Hope…

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This is OUR Time!


This is OUR Time!

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Rich Bluni, RN, LHRM National Speaker, Coach and Author For Speaking Information Contact: Sheila Martin: 850-934-1099 [email protected] Expertise: Key Note Speaker for National Conferences, Leadership Development Institutes, Retreats, Employee Sessions Inspired Care, Quality and Patient Safety, Team Motivation and Inspiration. Author of the Bestselling Book: Inspired Nurse