Work Experience Development Training Summary

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How to find companies that will have work experiences that match your student's interests for employment. (Sphere of Influence) Tracking of business contacts (sample tracking sheets provided) Marketing flyers (samples provided) What to ask during the first call with a business (sample scripts and emails provided) Questions to ask during first meeting to understand the business and work experiences that would be available or carved for your students. (Business Needs Analysis” provided) “Features and Benefits” for companies that provide work experiences for students Overcoming objections Follow up meetings with companies What needs to be done for the students before they start work? What forms should be filled out by the business before the student starts working. (“Work Agreements”/Statement of Work/) Evaluations for the students work performance (sample evaluations provided) Building a sustainable relationship with the business Information on BOLI/Workers Compensation/WOTC and how to get the “Certificate of Insurance” from your school district.


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Contact your TNF (email is best) and let them know that you would like to schedule “Work Experience Development Training In the email please include your phone #, email address and supervisor’s name and contact information and the school district you are in. I will contact you within 2 days and we can schedule a time to talk about the training and what outcome (s) you would like. If you need the contact information for your TNF please email me and I can send that to you.

POST TRAINING (Optional) This will be done either the day after the training or within 2 weeks of training. ● I will spend a total of 8 hours with training attendees after they complete my training. During this time I will go to businesses in the area with attendees. They can observe how I conduct a 1st meeting with a business. And/or ● I will spend time answering questions or problem solving with attendees either 1:1 or a small group (2-3).

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE TRAINING:  Anyone working with transition age students that will develop work experiences, act as a Job Coach, YTP staff and Administrators will benefit from this training.  The training is 3-3 ½ hours  There At least 4 people should attend the training and no more than 12  The training is held in a location that is convenient for you.  There is no charge for this training.