your cards for kitchen sanity

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Yo ur kitchen is a s anctuary, b ut o n T hanks g iving , yo ur p eace is o ften a t r i sk . And to o many co o ks in yo ur kitche n i s, w el l, to o many co o ks . So s tack t he de c k in yo ur favo r b y g iving friend s and fa m i l y o t her w ays to lend t heir w el l-intende d help ing hand s . Us e t hes e card s to as s ig n tas ks to yo u r lo ved o nes , and make s ure yo u’ ve go t a l l t he s p ace yo u need to make every t h i n g yo u w ant.



Thanksgiving cal ls for more t ha n “set t ing t he table.” Fold t he napkins, forks on t he left, name tags in place (and strategical ly placed for minimal pol it ical-tal k drama). Make it a masterpiece. A wort hy home for t he feast t hat wil l soon be rest ing on it.

Your job is simple, but supremely important. You’l l need to put on your t hankful face for each and every family member and friend t hat wal ks t hrough t he door. And keep t hem moving right past t he kitchen.




You’re t he fun one. Pouring, mixing, refil l ing, taking orders . And don’t forget to pour a glass for me (just leave it on t he counter, I’l l find it).

In t he final moments before t he feast, you need to spring into act ion. Get t he TV shut off, t he kids off t he uncles and every single body in a seat. You’l l del iver t he news, t hen I’l l del iver t he goods.



After t he cooking is done (and a photo of t he bird has been snapped), it ’s your turn. Remove t he stuffing, sl ice, d ice and d ivvy. And be careful wit h t hat carving knife!

When plates are empty and stomachs are ful l, it ’s your t ime to shine. And shine you wil l. That means clearing and load ing t he d ishwasher while I put t hings back where I l ike t hem.



Keeping t his day running smoot hly is no easy task. That ’s why I’m leaving t he running to you. Run for more ice, run if I run out of whipping cream, and run t hrough t he checkl ist. On your mark, get set, go.

Your object ive is to keep t he kiddos out of t he kitchen. Tel l t hem t hat anyt hing on t he countertop is lava. When d inner is served, t here wil l be a seat at t he grown-ups table wait ing for you.

THE SHUTTERBUG The sel fie game is strong wit h t his one. Turn your talents and your camera around to capture some fa mily moments. Corral t he group toget her for a family photo, snap some cand ids before d inner. Don’t forget to Photoshop me in later.

THE DRINK MASTER If d inner conversat ion turns as dry as white meat, t hat ’s your cue. Liven up t he party wit h your hilarious vacat ion anecdotes, neighborhood gossip and party tricks. Anyt hing to keep people laughing and from leaving before dessert .