Your Pipeline to Success

Your Pipeline to Success -

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Your Pipeline to Success Founded in 1920 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, T. D. Williamson develops and manufactures pipeline equipment and provides services for onshore and offshore applications. The company offers pigging products and accessories, such as pipeline pigs, launching and receiving components, quick opening closures, and pig passage indicators; pipeline plugging equipment; cathodic protection equipment for corrosion prevention and corrosion control; and tapping machines, including hot tapping and drilling products. It also provides pipeline fittings, such as high pressure/transmission products, distribution systems, distribution systems PE fittings, and water pipeline fittings; pipeline rehabilitation products; and pipeline valves for use in tapping and plugging operations. In addition, the company offers hot tapping and plugging, inline inspection, offshore, pipeline, project management, leak detection, and nondestructive evaluation and repair services. Through three generations of Williamson family leadership, TDW has influenced the industry’s future by cultivating tomorrow’s pipeline professionals. We continually provide opportunities for new employees to work alongside senior leaders, allowing them to gain experience and ask the questions that challenge us all to grow. As Chairman Emeritus Richard Williamson, who began his TDW career as a teenager servicing equipment says, “Awareness turns to knowledge, then skill, then mastery.” At TDW, people have been the key to our success for almost a century. That’s why we continue to recruit top talent for each of our global locations. If you don’t find a specific position that interests you right now, please join our Talent Network. We’re excited to learn more about you.

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