Youth Covenant

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Youth Covenant Winter Retreat 2018 All youth who attend this event must sign and return this covenant to Darin prior to this event in order to attend. The purpose of this covenant is to ensure our time together strengthens and encourages each of us in attendance.

I will participate in all activities. I will behave responsibly, following all directions given to me by adult chaperones. I will remain in designated areas/buildings. I will refrain from sexual conduct of any kind. I will treat others with respect and dignity. I will wear appropriate clothing. This means undergarments and midriffs will not be exposed, no cut-out tanks or tees, and shorts of appropriate length. I will not bring drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, or any other substance. I will not bring weapons, fireworks, matches/lighters, or any other combustible. I will relinquish my cell phone, if I choose to bring it, when we arrive at the event, and receive it only at the end of the event. I will not bring any other electronic entertainment devices.

I understand that failure to follow this covenant will result in disciplinary action that may include being sent home early – at the expense of my parent/guardian.

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